Three ways to attract more meetings and events to your venue

Attracting and securing new meetings and events can be a challenge, especially as you may, quite rightly, be focused on the business you already have. While there’s no surefire formula for increasing your bookings, take a look at the following three strategies to help you yield better results.

1) Expand and polish your online presence

Improving your online presence can increase your venue’s visibility, build your brand, and generate new business leads. And, other than the relatively small time investment, this is usually a low-cost undertaking. Here are some ideas:

  • Showcase successful meetings and events through updates featuring photos and short copy on your website, LinkedIn and any other social sites you are active on.
  • Gather, post and share positive feedback. Of course, you don’t want to brag, but testimonials and sound bites from meeting organizers and attendees are invaluable.
  • If conference or event organizers share content about events held at your venue, it’s a good idea to comment and thank them. And you can even repost what they have shared.
  • For additional tips, see our blog post, “Tips for Improving Your Online Presence”

2) Harness the American Meetings NetworkTM

When you join our Network, you gain access to over 63,000 meeting planners. It’s one of the prime places where meeting planners come to find and select venues for their corporate meetings and events. In other words, it’s a great place for you to be. You can also: Obtain full contact info for event planners and suppliers.

  • Obtain full contact info for event planners and suppliers.
  • Access our social network – – where you can find industry news and updates.
  • View new meetings and events opportunities posted by planners.
  • Create a Network Supplier Profile Page that lets you showcase your venue. AMI conducts a professional video interview with your existing promotional video footage included in the final edit.
  • Receive a discounted rate to attend our Global Procurement Day events if you have network membership at the Plus or Prime level.

3) Connect in-person with new business opportunities

Even as more and more business happens online, in-person meetings are still essential, especially when it comes to generating new business. AMI’s Global Procurement Day, coming up on October 5 in Fort Lauderdale is an excellent opportunity to connect with meeting planners who are looking to secure meeting and event sites.

Global Procurement Day is a quarterly event designed to put partners and suppliers like you face to face with meeting planners and sourcing managers who are ready to book business.

At Global Procurement Day you will also:

  • Have opportunities to meet procurement professionals from the Fortune 500 corporations we do business with.
  • Learn about industry trends and forecasted needs.
  • Attend fun, casual, and interactive networking sessions.
  • Leave with new ideas and new connections.

We hope to see many of you at Global Procurement Day. Find more information here or please contact Josie Rubio, Director of Talent & Business Development,, (954) 315-0428.

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