5 benefits of hosting your meeting or event online

 It’s not always possible to bring your team or your audience together face to face because of costs, geographies, and schedules. Luckily, virtual meeting and conference technologies have come a long way and are truly the next best thing to being there in person. Take a look at the benefits and value of adopting virtual meeting technology as part of your overall meetings and events strategy and planning.

  1. Accessibility and diversity
  • Increase attendance with easier, widespread global Internet access
  • Attract speakers that might otherwise not be able to present in person
  • Support access from multiple types of devices with most platforms available
  • Remove significant barriers to increasing diversity (e.g., inability to travel, inaccessible registration fees)
  • Provide instant and improved customer support
  1. Bring your costs and impact down
  • Realize significant savings with little or no travel or accommodation costs
  • Avoid generating waste like printed collateral, food and drink, packaging, etc.
  • Eliminate the huge carbon footprint that comes with in-person events
  • Save attendees the associated logistical costs in money and time
  1. Flexibility and reduced planning
  • Reduce logistical overhead and manpower required to execute
  • Shorten the planning lead time
  • Increase the effectiveness of your interaction with attendees before, during and post-event with centralized and streamlined attendee data collection
  • Focus more on creating quality and worthwhile content, with fewer details required for in-person events
  1. Go multimedia
  • Promote interaction and engagement during presentations, such as audience-submitted questions
  • Incorporate different kinds of media for an immersive experience
  • Use social media tools, like hashtags, to reach beyond your audience
  • Track attendee participation and engagement statistics, enabling real-time adjustments with software
  • Host break-out groups and targeted networking meetings
  1. Staying power
  • Meeting software makes it easy to record and catalogue content
  • Attendees can re-watch sessions or save them for later
  • Searchable event content on relevant topics is beneficial for website Search Engine Optimization
  • Repurpose evergreen event content for an enduring promotional tool

Need help taking your next meeting or event online? We have the format options and strategic experience to make your next virtual program a success. Contact us at (866) 337-7799 or bd@AmericanMeetings.com.

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