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Corporate events are changing and American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) is on the forefront with innovative event technology services to help you captivate, connect, and engage audiences. Whether your meeting is in-person, online, or a combination of both, we have a full suite of technology options to help you create an immersive experience.

It All Starts with an Engaging Event Portal

The event experience starts with an engaging event website and registration portal. Our event techs are experienced in all major programming platforms to create an impressive digital presence including:

  • Event landing page
  • Registration modules
  • Recruitment invitations
  • Interpretation services
  • SSL website security
  • And more

Create a Wow Factor with Onsite Audio/Visuals

To create an amazing event, you need vision, creativity, tech-savvy, and experience. Event technology, when used correctly, should amplify your brand and message, and leave your audience inspired.

Before an onsite experience can be realized, it must first be imagined and then mapped out. We work with you on room design and audience flow to provide the best possible participant experience. Our production designers and tech team are experts at making sure that messages, signs, and videos are seen at all viewing angles. Our lighting designers will create the right mood for the desired experience. All of this is provided to you via 3D rendering before we get working on set designs.

Jaw-Dropping Media Production

We partner with the best in the business when it comes to media production. From interactive presentations and custom applications to video and augmented reality, we will ensure your messages leave your audiences inspired and moved to action.

Create Engaging Virtual and Hybrid Experiences

Today’s meetings must transfer equitably to the screen. Our webcast producers are masters at building the right application to enhance your message. Boost presentations with creative showstoppers like virtual reality and augmented reality. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of today’s most innovative technology and tools that will leave a long-lasting impact on attendees.

Learn more about our Virtual Meeting Services and Hybrid Meeting Services.

Ensure You Get the Best Deal

Some venues have strict requirements around who installs or powers-up the tech for your meeting. And, if you don’t know what services you require and how much, you could wind up paying for more than you need. Let AMI negotiate AV requirements and costs on your behalf to secure the services you need at the best possible price.

Create a Flawless Meeting with the Help of Our Skilled Technicians

We know how important it is that your event goes without a hitch. Our event technicians are laser-focused on the finest of details and are there to ensure flawless delivery. Technology shouldn’t distract your audience. Our technicians work seamlessly in the background ensuring there are no hiccups or disruptions to the experience.

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