Virtual Meetings


Our Virtual Meeting programs allow our clients the ability to have an integrated strategy that is required to take place in a virtual environment. When transitioning a meeting on-line we carefully balance the overall strategy while maintaining best in class, redundant technologies to ensure success.

A Global End-to-End Solution

  • Engaging audio and video streaming capabilities.
  • A cost-efficient platform aligned with local market economies.
  • Customized to your requirements.
  • Supported by global our Services Network.
  • Customized Virtual Meeting Solutions.
  • AMI’s proven technology delivers a spectacular meeting experience, where ever in the world you need to be.
  • High Touch Communications Drive Attendance & Compliance.
  • Flexible Interface Solution is tailored for multiple types of virtual meetings.
  • Amazing Attendee Experience Engage and inspire your audience.
  • Customized Reporting Delivers the Data You Need Our customized data and reporting solution allows for hundreds of reports and options to meet your needs.


Virtual Attendee Experience

  • Attendee Communications
  • Custom Engagement
  • End-to-end Solutions
  • Reporting & Analytics

Virtual Production

  • Globalization, Localization
  • Accessibility
  • Streaming
  • Creative Services

Virtual Meeting Technologies

  • Webcast Apps
  • Accessibility
  • Live Streaming
  • Studio Webcasts
  • Virtual Conference Theater

Source Now

  • Project Managers
  • Virtual Talent
  • Virtual Technologies

Virtual Talent

  • Meeting Managers
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Creative Services

Meeting Types

  • Advisory Boards
  • Annual Conferences
  • Congresses & Conventions
  • Investigator Meetings
  • Sales Incentive Programs
  • Sales Training Meetings
  • And Other Meeting Types