Virtual Meetings

Turning the Mundane into the Spectacular

When meeting in person is not an option, virtual meeting technology can be a cost-effective, engaging, and sustainable way to connect your audiences. Our specialty is turning the mundane into the spectacular. We do this through high production techniques, cutting-edge design, and innovative ideas. Whether you’re putting together a webinar or a large conference we have the expertise and support you need to produce an engaging virtual event.

Virtual Event Services

Do you already have a virtual event platform or are you looking for some creative ideas? AMI can take your virtual meeting to the next level with a custom, end-to-end solution or offer our expertise in just the areas you need.

We know how to draw a crowd and leave a lasting impression. From platform branding to registration portals, we’ll ensure a seamless and powerful design.

Strategy and Planning

We can develop a custom event strategy and action plan to ensure every detail is designed to meet your objectives.

Virtual Event Production

We’ve got an endless stream of ideas to take your virtual event to the next level with advanced A/V and production, streaming content, virtual sets, holograms, virtual reality, and more. So, dream big and we’ll take care of the details to make it happen.

Accessibility Features

Are you hosting a global meeting including multiple languages? Do you need to make your meeting more accessible to team members with varying abilities? We will devise a plan to make your meeting more inclusive and engaging to all attendees. We have the latest interpretation technology, interpretation management systems, closed captioning, video transcription, and subtitle services to make your events more accessible to all audiences.

Virtual Attendee Experience

Attendee experience is even more crucial in a virtual environment. The AMI team builds excitement campaigns and multi-touch registration processes to increase user awareness and drive attendance. Our flexible interface provides is fully customizable for an experience that is both engaging and memorable.

Virtual Meeting Platforms

Today’s virtual meeting platforms include fun, interactive options to keep remote attendees engaged. You don’t have to be an expert on virtual technology. AMI has the latest platforms and tools to ensure an amazing attendee experience.

We support today’s most popular virtual platforms including Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, Notified (previously Intrado), Spatial Chat, Zoom, and more.


Meeting Technology Applications

From registration sites and apps to engagement tools, our webcast producers can build or employ the right applications to enhance your meeting strategy. They are pros in all major programming platforms to create dynamic event websites, recruitment invitations, custom-built reporting modules, translation services, SSL site security, and more.

Boost presentations with creative showstoppers like virtual reality and augmented reality. AMI has a comprehensive portfolio of the most innovative technology to create fabulous interactive environments that will leave attendees in awe.

360 Live Streaming

With imaginative 360 live streaming, you can deliver fully live-streamed events with interactive signage, subtitles, fully-immersive training materials and simulations, 360 video, animation services, and virtual reality tours.

Studio Webcasts with Lobby Experience

A Stand-alone webcast with a brand-able lobby will keep your audience engaged with interactive content. These environments are fully customizable so that you can tailor your virtual environments to look like the in-person version.

Virtual Conference Theater

Bring attendees together from near and far through our Virtual Conference Theater platform. This technology is ideal for online trade shows, conferences, and networking events.

Multi-Purpose Breakout Rooms

If your meeting requires a lot of interaction between speakers, presenters, and attendees, our Virtual Conference Theater platform enables breakout and networking sessions. Pre-scheduled breakout sessions can take place with or without video for multiple attendees at one time.

Security and Compliance

Platform security and event compliance are our number one priority. AMI has consistently passed compliance requirements and system audits for some of the world’s most stringent organizations. From internal client compliance to GDPR, we follow industry guidelines to protect virtual attendees and host companies.

Virtual Meetings Insights


The Three Types
of Virtual Meetings

Discover the key differences between virtual collaboration webinars, dedicated virtual webcasts, virtual conferences ,and trade shows. The experts at American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) walk you through these key platforms to present the best solution for virtual meeting experiences.



Creative Ways to Enhance Virtual Meetings

So many articles have been written about “Zoom fatigue” and the disassociation people are feeling in virtual meetings. This article takes a look at the impact virtual meetings are making on our socialization and mental health. Innovation and creativity are a way to bust through the fatigue to create an engaging meeting environment…



In-Person Event Converted to Virtual Helps Expedite Global Training Initiative

A leading pharmaceutical company was looking to quickly deploy training for its late phase 3 drug trials. Typically these types of events are conducted in-person, but the company needed to disseminate information quickly, so they chose an all-virtual option…


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