Hybrid Meetings

The Future of Hybrid is Now

If a portion of your audience is unable to attend your meeting, hybrid is the perfect alternative. By combining in-person and virtual components, hybrid meetings have proven to be highly successful in meeting business needs. Today, more meeting owners are choosing hybrid options, with 50 percent reporting they will likely incorporate a virtual element in almost all of their events. This is not surprising, given its versatility.

Hybrid Event Services

As a leader in hybrid event delivery, American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) is here every step of the way to help you deliver a flawless hybrid meeting.


Your hybrid event journey starts with a solid strategy. We work with you to understand your goals, needs, budget, and audience to determine what is needed to yield the highest impact for your presenters and your attendees.


There are so many virtual platforms and tools available that it’s hard to know which ones to choose. We’ll take you through all the options to ensure that the tools and platforms align with your brand and provide the best possible attendee experience.


When it comes to hybrid meetings, attention to detail is key. We have the best meeting producers in the business. They create highly engaging environments that keep audiences interested.


On the day of your event, we ensure your meeting is executed flawlessly by our experienced technical team.


Our support continues after your event concludes. We can provide key analytics and event recordings for on-demand access.

Captivate Your Remote Attendees through
a Realistic Hybrid Event Platform

We can create an immersive hybrid environment that provides an equally engaging experience for both in-person and at-home attendees.

Virtual Platform Features

  • Custom branding
  • Realistic 3D virtual environment
  • Registration and support portals
  • Sponsorship spaces
  • Gamification options
  • Promotions and display advertising
  • Chat, presentation tracks, survey features
  • Social media and content sharing
  • Meeting analytics

Engagement and Networking

  • Keep audiences participating through live polling, Q&As, and chat
  • Increase enjoyment with games like trivia and scavenger hunts
  • Scheduled breakout rooms for small-group discussions
  • 1:1 video chat features for individualized discussions
  • Connect attendees together through advanced matchmaking features


  • Fully branded pre- and post-webcast virtual lobbies
  • Involve audiences through live polls, games, quizzes, and more
  • HTML 5 streaming for stable connection
  • Deliver content live or on-demand
  • High-resolution video and high-quality audio
  • Dynamic, picture-in-picture slides and video capabilities
  • Advanced video and graphics to wow your audience
  • Interface fully customizable so your brand stands out


  • Real-time virtual event metrics
  • Track webinar and content views, booth visits, chat logs, and more
  • Get in-depth event reports and audience insights
  • Track registration and support tickets

Top Benefits of Hybrid Events

Improved Audience Engagement

Both onsite and remote audiences can interact with each other, enhancing the in-person experience as well as meeting everyone’s needs.

Extended Reach

Hybrid provides the most flexibility and reach, allowing you to tailor experiences to a geographically-dispersed audience without compromise.

Faster Time to Market

Deliver meetings more efficiently and with less risk for cancellation. Hybrid meetings can be your new competitive advantage.

Improved ROI

Hybrid offers higher engagement, extended reach, faster production, and the ability to expand the event beyond the physical venue.

More Choice and Flexibility

Attendees attend meetings the way that suits them best.

Extend the Life of Your Content

The virtual component allows attendees to consult, interact, share, and view on-demand content following the live event.

Virtual Events Insights


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