Hybrid Meetings


A Global Meetings Partner to Navigate an Integrated Live + Virtual Meeting Strategy for the New Normal

Almost overnight, global meeting requirements have changed. Organizations are now, and will continue to, build hybrid meeting strategies that combine live and virtual components to meet business meeting and event needs.

At AMI, we assist clients in developing meeting solutions when holding 100% virtual or 100% live events are not options. We assist meeting owners by navigating the complexities of hybrid events to realize complementary opportunities that blend live and virtual meeting benefits.


For successful hybrid meetings, we integrate both experiences to give both your live and virtual meeting attendees a truly immersive experience. Let AMI help you host an enterprise-class virtual meeting, while integrating live meeting elements:

  • Securing venues
  • Dynamic on-site meeting manager
  • Delegate management
  • On-site Registration
  • On-site audiovisual technical support
  • PPE & Meeting Supply Management
  • Speaker Management
  • Remote registration support
  • Virtual platform management
  • Virtual engagement strategies
  • Virtual production and talent
  • Streaming meeting technologies
  • Virtual speaker and presentation management

Hybrid MEETING Resources

The Evolution of Virtual Meetings as B2B Events Emerge from the Pandemic

The Evolution of Virtual Meetings as B2B Events Emerge from the Pandemic

In this podcast episode of Destination on the Left Podcast, AMI Founder Andy McNeill talks about the evolution of virtual meetings as the event industry emerges from the pandemic. From the economic downturns of 9/11, the 2008 recession, and now COVID-19, Andy understands the highs and lows of the industry and how to shift and even grow during them.

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Three Meeting and Event Trends for 2021

Three Meeting and Event Trends for 2021

As we begin to unravel from the 2020 pandemic, the demand for corporate meetings remains strong. We are social creatures, and business meetings must happen to help us align on goals and with each other. The shift organizations made to online meetings, and virtual events showed us that business, events, and meetings needed to continue to move forward, regardless of the global pandemic landscape.

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Virtual Attendee Experience

  • Attendee Communications
  • Custom Engagement
  • End-to-end Solutions
  • Reporting & Analytics

Meeting Health & Safety

  • Order PPE Equipment
  • Pandemic Protection Protocols
  • Sanitation Best Practices
  • H&S Education
  • The New Meeting Normal

Virtual Production

  • Globalization, Localization
  • Accessibility
  • Streaming
  • Creative Services

Live Attendee Experience

  • Marketing
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Recruitment
  • Registration
  • Surveys & Follow-Up

Virtual Meeting Technologies

  • Webcast Apps
  • Accessibility
  • Live Streaming
  • Studio Webcasts
  • Virtual Conference Theater

Audio Visual Production

  • AV Production
  • HD Video
  • Lighting
  • Projection
  • Scenic Design
  • 3D Holographic

Virtual Talent

  • Meeting Managers
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Creative Services

Live Meeting Technologies

  • Audience Engagement
  • Interpretation
  • Meetings Applications
  • Virtual Reality
  • Webinar & Webcasting

Source Now

  • Accommodations
  • Group Travel
  • Site Selection
  • Speaker & Entertainment
  • Supplier Network
  • Transportation

On-Site Talent

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Greeters & Hosts
  • Meeting Managers
  • On-Site Staff
  • Logistics
  • Travel Director