Trade Show Management Services and Support

Elevating Your Brand Through a High-Touch Team

Trade show management is one of the most time-consuming and tedious jobs in event planning. Whether you’re preparing to attend a trade show, hosting, or managing a trade show, American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) is here to help you with all of the details.

360˚Approach to Your Trade Show Strategy

We focus on technology to seamlessly manage your inventory of booths, promotional items, and, if needed, onsite staff.

We Manage Every Detail

  • Pre-Show Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Storage and Shipping

Technology Implementation

  • Brand Promotion
  • Online Inventory Management Portal
  • Onsite Data Capture

Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Options

  • Environment Administration
  • Booth Setup
  • One-to-One Interactions
  • Analytics


Trade Show Hall Coverage

When it comes to exhibit halls, it’s all about location, location, location. Visibility is key to getting the most out of your trade show experience.

AMI will help you identify the best locations, pathways, and coverage within the trade show hall. We work with conference venues to maximize your visibility through promotional and branding opportunities, including:

  • Floor Clings
  • Position Ad Buys
  • Space Location
  • Influencer and Ambassadors
  • Key Opinion Leader Messaging
  • In-Booth Attendee Experience

After every conference and trade show, we review the results, measure interactions, and then fine-tune them to ensure an even better impact for the next one.

In-Booth Strategy

Engagement is key when it comes to trade show strategy. We will develop an attendee journey map highlighting multiple touchpoint opportunities from start to finish. We will help you identify key influencers so that attendees get the best information and all of their questions answered. We work with your brand teams to develop promotional strategies and activities that create buzz. This is designed to ensure your brand extends well beyond the trade show floor. Lastly, we provide digital lead capture devices to team members to manage and enhance interactions.

Digital Coverage

We can deliver ads to attendees through geonet targeting while visiting local attractions surrounding the event. We work with you to identify the appropriate audiences and demographics and then deploy city-wide and event message targeting. Coverage includes:

  • Convention Center
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Area Restaurants
Tradeshow Management

Thought Leader and Key Client Support

Trade shows and conferences are all about connecting with thought leaders and key clients. But how do we best reach and engage with them? We help strategize a plan to communicate and engage with influential thought leaders and key clients through:

  • Private Forums
  • Exclusive Dinners
  • Off-site Events
  • Speaker Meetings
  • Special Theme Dinners and Dine-Arounds

We manage all of the communications, invitations, and event logistics. We’ll research, suggest, and identify the most exclusive restaurants and locations to hold your private, off-site events. We encourage attendance through attractive invitations. We provide all of the onsite concierge ambassadors and handle any technology requirements. Lastly, we map out the timing, flow, and guarantees to ensure cost savings.

Warehouse and Inventory Management

Understanding and managing warehousing costs is critical. AMI delivers a full-service solution that allows your brand professionals to focus on strategy while we manage the logistics, warehouse, and staff. We start with an analysis of the current warehouse use and spending and then determine best practices for:

  • Booth Creation and Storage
  • Shipping and Distribution
  • Promotional Item Strategy
  • Receiving and Repurposing of Items

Online Warehouse and Inventory Management Portal

Our online client portal ensures all of your trade show assets are organized and accessible in one place. This includes:

  • Create Content
  • Resource Availability
  • Exhibit Hall Information
  • Show Information
  • Client Assets
  • Vendor Contacts
  • Time Sheets
  • Client Orders
  • Conversations
  • Job Assignments
  • Render Requests
  • Incident Reports

Client Portal

Customers log into the conference and trade show portal to interact with their exhibits, accessories, and graphics.

Customer Art

Team members upload their artwork for review and approval. Staging and floor plan photos are uploaded directly from a technician app and then shared with designated team members for review and comment.

Quality Tracking

Kudos and incidents are reported, categorized, and tracked to understand trends over time.

Warehouse Management

Inventory is automatically updated with each item’s current location. Packing lists streamline operations, slashing the time it takes to prepare each shipment.

Virtual Trade Show Management

We can even manage your trade show presence in the Metaverse. Our virtual trade show management services include:

  • Active participation in virtual environments
  • Virtual booth build-outs
  • Online brand ambassadors
  • Audience engagement strategy
  • One-to-one networking management
Tradeshow Management

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