5 Benefits of Team Building Activities at your Corporate Meeting

Wondering if it is worth your budget dollars to invest in Sales Incentive Meetings and Team Building events?  Our guest blogger, Reflect Digital, a UK-based digital agency specializing in website design and marketing for the events industry, provides the following list of benefits to consider.  Our corporate meeting planners have cited many of these when strategizing with our own clients:


When we consider the phrase “Team Building”, a number of ideas spring to mind. Although many people are aware of what a team-building event constitutes, few are aware of the many benefits they can have for both employer and employee.

Irrespective of the actual activity, from a treasure hunt to a trust exercise, more and more businesses, corporations and public service organizations are discovering the five main benefits of team building.

1. Productivity

For many business owners and managers, regardless of the nature of their business, the key to their profit and continued financial success is to encourage productivity. From the staff who want to throw themselves into set tasks to those who have the confidence and initiative to find new ways of increasing productivity or efficiency, many business owners find that following team-bonding events their productivity is greatly improved.

2. Morale

Even employees who love and are devoted to their jobs can find themselves stuck in a rut. Everyone has days when they simply don’t want to be there, and this can have drastic effects on the business and its management. An unmotivated employee can bring down the entire workforce and in a job such as sales or customer service environment where positivity is the key to success, the motivation and morale of staff members are essential. Therefore, an activity that renews that vigor is not only encouraged but essential. Not only could it ensure that the staff member who is consistently unwilling becomes willing but it could lead to changing the entire atmosphere of the workplace.

3. New Team Dynamics

Whether we intend them to or not, workplaces can tend to fall into patterns. Every day can become similar with the same person making the morning tea and the same person taking the afternoon post. As comforting as this level of continuity can be, it can also cause issues as people who may be suited to different roles within the organization aren’t given a chance because of the existing dynamic. The benefit of a team-building exercise is that it gives both management and team members a chance to see the personnel taking a different role, and one in which they might excel. This is a perfect opportunity to see those people with the potential for promotion or career advancement and also those who may be not performing to an optimum standard and may need more help than they’re given.

4. Strengths and Weaknesses

Within every team, there are those with strengths and weaknesses. The issue with a normal workplace is that these strengths and weaknesses can often be lost within the normal job role or because the person in question simply does not wish to make themselves stand out. Within the safety of the team building event, those strengths can be identified and can be harnessed for the good of the business, and likewise, the weaknesses can be identified and worked around.

5. Long Term Commitment

It’s often considered that an employee who feels they are being invested in is one who will be happy to stay in their position. Whether the team-building event is a recurring or annual event or you choose to use the principles as part of weekly training, the employees taking part will thank you for your commitment to them and reward you with their commitment in return.

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