The Food Truck Craze in the Corporate Meetings Industry

Have you been wondering what all the hubbub is about with the Food Truck phenomenon? So have we! In the past, Food Trucks were those mobile vendors that you see at carnivals serving up junk food classics like hot dogs, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. But believe us… that is a thing of the past.

Food Trucks have become a fun, trendy way to serve a variety of gourmet delights that appeal to all tastes in a more relaxed environment. And in the corporate meeting and event industry, the possibilities are endless. From employee appreciation programs to Conferences, trade shows and even Dinner Galas, the requests from our clients are rolling in.

Our corporate meeting planners recently managed a successful employee appreciation event for one of our clients, a major cruise line based in Miami. Going with a more traditional approach such as a catered lunch or banquet typically requires venue rental, coordination of a variety of work and personal schedules, and taking in to consideration an array of cultural tastes and differences with menu selection. As it turns out, food trucks were the solution! CEO, Andy McNeill says, “The event was hosted in our client’s parking lot during work hours. We offered everything from gourmet grilled cheese to vegetarian & vegan options to flavorful Latin cuisine. There was something for everyone.”

Our advice when planning an event like this is to allow an appropriate span of time and to double up on the most popular trucks to keep lines at a minimum.  We also put up a tent and hired a DJ… an inexpensive way to liven up the event.  Plus, the tent will come in handy in the event of rain or weather issues.

Clients love the idea because there is less time for employees away from the office. Staff can go out at their leisure, enjoy their lunch and return to work without a significant loss in productivity. All of the same principles apply for Conferences and Trade Shows as well. It’s the perfect way for attendees to get some fresh air and appeal to all tastes without losing them to offsite options.

Happy eating!

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