Impact of the Government Shutdown on Corporate Meetings and Events – The “Show” Must Go On!

With the shutdown of the US Government effective October 1st, there is little concern of an impact at this time in the private meetings and event industry.  Business travel has not been affected thus far as mass transportation operations have continued as normal.  Our corporate meeting planners on the road have reported that air traffic controllers, airport security, and customs screening all remain intact at this time.

CEO, Andy McNeill, reports, “We are cautiously optimistic, and ensuring that backup plans are in place.  Transportation operations should remain open as long as there is sufficient funding; however, during the last shutdown in 1996, I remember a significant backlog with visa applications, which could affect international speakers and attendees.”  Our primary initiative for all meetings at this time is to explore virtual options for speakers and attendees who are unable to attend live meetings and events.

The show must go on… and it will!

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