Invite your Audience to Join In: The New Era of Audience Response

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Those of us who have been in the meetings industry for a long time know that when a client requests an ARS (Audience Response  System) for their corporate meeting or event, they can expect to add a large chunk of time and expense to the program budget.

In addition to time and money, logistical issues can also be a factor.  For example, traditional ARS requires classroom-style seating to accommodate the equipment, and this can reduce your room capacity almost by half.

Not any more!  At a recent regional sales meeting, our corporate meeting planners used Join In with great success.

Join In, published by UK-based Lumi Mobile, is a live audience response platform that allows the audience to engage, real-time, with the speaker to answer a poll, ask questions and/or comment on the presentation from their mobile device.

At a recent meeting, we had a client “moderator” at the back of the room controlling the main dashboard and attendees were invited to vote, share photos, chat live and ask the speaker questions at designated intervals throughout the meeting all through their smart phones.  Going live takes just a few simple steps:  Create your account, brand your interface, and invite participants to download the app.

Once live, the options are limitless:

–  Real-Time Messaging –The moderator can direct the conversation via their own dashboard, moderating comments and questions before publishing to displays or attendee’s devices. The moderator can also respond or send messages and announcements to the group or individuals, buzzing their device for attention.

–   Instant Polling – Poll your audience in absolute real time. A variety of formats including multi and single choice, rating, text and dial-test. Audience response questions can be prepared in the dashboard in advance or on-the-fly. The results are available instantly.

–  Publish results to your audience – Publishing polling results and messaging directly to the device, utilizing the ‘second screen’. Report results of your poll or let them know when they answer correctly and award points to absorb them further or simply.

–  Request and publish photos – The host can request a photo from participants at any time. Pictures are shown on the dashboard within seconds, moderated, and then can be published to all participants and to displays to encourage creativity.

–   Data and analytics – As well as moderating event proceedings, the dashboard provides access to the quantitative, qualitative and image data captured, allowing for individual and group tracking. One click export to formatted Excel reports.

–    Custom Features – Additional features can be added such as interactive event maps, sponsor links and social media links.  You can also include brochures, news pages, and meeting agendas.

“The one word of advice I would give to my clients is to set aside strategic intervals in the meeting for this interaction to avoid attendees perusing their smartphones during meeting content.  Right before scheduled breaks or meeting adjournment are ideal.  At the same time, however, you may find that this solution can make a presentation so engaging that attendees may not want to spend additional time on their phones.” said AMI’s COO, Todd Bludworth.

Contact AMI if you would like to incorporate this awesome solution in to your next meeting or event.

Happy Interacting!

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