Make an Impression at your Corporate Meetings with Creative Promotional Products

AMI welcomes Vincent Clarke as our guest blogger this week.  Vincent works in marketing for  a website that sells a wide range of promotional products for corporate meetings, conferences, and trade show booths.  Here are Vincent’s suggestions on some of the popular items on the market today.  

Does choosing the right promotional product for your next corporate meeting, trade show, seminar, and other corporate event leave you feeling overwhelmed?

Many companies trust more traditional yet expensive forms of marketing like TV and billboard advertisements; however, the fact is that these projects can cost your company thousands of dollars with very little chance of a significant ROI.

So how can something so small and inexpensive like a promotional gift have such a large impact on your audience? Corporate meeting planners know… It all comes down to repetition. No matter how catchy or grand you try to make a TV commercial, people will always remember information better if they’re able to see it frequently throughout their day.

Promotional products range from the plain and practical to the downright bizarre, but here we will be discussing some of the more creative and effective tools of the bunch. Each of these promotional gifts is very popular among companies and leaves a lasting professional impression on their target audiences.

Business Card Flash Drives

Everybody has their own taste in business cards. It’s almost more of a fashion statement at this point than a proper marketing tool. USB business cards on the other hand introduce a product that is high-tech, stylish, and useful in more ways than one. This fresh way to engage with your market allows you to upload your work portfolio, resume, product catalogs, service brochures, and all sorts of other important marketing information.

Mood and Color Changing Products

Mood promotional products continue to shine for its creativity and sheer mystery. Whenever the recipient wears or touches the item, the color will change to reflect their mood.  It’s an exciting way to convey your company message through a fun activity. The great part is that they can come in a number of different mediums, such as hats, cups, bottles, measuring sticks, pens, pencils and plastic toy rings. So you can have the best of both worlds and hand out something that’s useful and interesting to your audience.

Smartphone Cases

At this point, practically everyone has some kind of smartphone. Whether it’s through Apple, Google, or Windows, you see everybody checking emails, updating Facebook, and browsing the web on right on their phone. Granted, it’s in your hand so much you’re bound to drop it at one point or another. And that’s how the smartphone case industry was born. Everyone needs them, but as you probably already know, they can be pretty expensive. A regular case for your iPhone or Android can run you anywhere between $20 to $60 depending on the style and brand name. So why not offer your own brand name on a smartphone case and offer them for free!

American Meetings CEO, Andy McNeill, adds, “A popular question from our clients is what our corporate meeting planners find to be the most popular and effective giveaways at Trade Shows and Conferences.  Don’t overthink it.  Vincent has pointed out some popular, yet unique, products that are sure to make you stand out.”

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