9 Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas to Give Thanks

During this season of giving thanks, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events are more popular than ever.  When incorporated in to any meeting or event, such as an incentive program, sales meeting, user conference or holiday party, CSR events spread a feeling of being part of something great.  CEO, Andy McNeill, reflects on our own Bike Build event that we hosted for AMI employees during our annual partners conference.  “Everyone walked away with a sense of pride for what they accomplished and a renewed sense of loyalty to our organization.”

Here are 9 CSR ideas that we have implemented for our clients.  ‘Tis the season!

Art of Giving

Art of Giving
Remember how much fun you had painting as a child? Well, with the Art of Giving program, your group will paint huge, wonderful canvas for donation to a public care facility. These colorful works of art will adorn the walls for all residents to enjoy. This is a great way to build teamwork skills among your employees, while enriching the lives of people in your community. We manage to instill a great sense of accomplishment in creating these beautiful works of art while making the artwork itself pretty foolproof, which is an art in itself!

Bike Build Donation

Bike Build 2

THE BEST NEW BIKE BUILD IDEA IN 20 YEARS! After organizing and delivering the best Bike Builds in America for the past 20 years, we proudly announce the future of this very popular charitable event. With help from our SmartHunts® App and a ton of Apple iPads®, we have developed the most fun, fast-paced, hi-energy, hi-tech Bike Build program in the world! This worthwhile, charitable program now features text, audio and vido clues, gaming, fun challenges and activities and the ability to capture and save all your memories of this truly heartwarming event.


Build a wheelchair

Build-a-Wheelchair® is another first in charitable build-type teambuilding programs. In this fun and worthwhile charity event, your group is formed into teams that complete tasks to get the parts and materials necessary to assemble, test, and decorate wheelchairs for donation. This Corporate Social Responsibility program will help disabled Americans with serious mobility issues. Our Build-a-Wheelchair program will touch your team’s heart and make it an inspiring day that all will remember.

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build

Miniature Golf

Charity Miniature Golf Course Build is one of our fun philanthropic team builders where your group will design, construct and play a miniature golf course using canned and boxed goods which are then sent as charitable contributions to a local food charity! Working in small teams, each hole has a special theme and rules which are unique to that hole. After the course has been built, a fun tournament ensues with scoring and fun competition. Once completed, the course will be deconstructed and the food donated to a predetermined food bank or similar organization.

Charity Shopping Spree


With our Charity Shopping Spree, shopping was never so much fun – even the guys on your team will enjoy this adventure. A point system drives competition, but the ultimate goal is a donation to the charity of your choice so everyone wins! Armed with cash, clues about the items for donation and clues to all the store locations; teams go on wacky photo scavenger hunts, snapping photos, participating in social team activities and researching the stores on the route to develop their final shopping strategy.

Donation Nation Care Packs™

Donation Nation 2

Teams will engage in fun, challenging team builder activities leading to the assembly of care packages for your chosen charity. This is an extraordinary way to build team spirit & infuse your group with positive energy and goodwill. Examples of charities include homeless shelters, food banks, hospices, nursing homes and other community and social service agencies. A representative from the charity may surprise your group, speaking passionately about the organization and their mission.

Locate and Donate™ Charity Hunt

locate and donate

Locate and Donate™ is a fabulous philanthropic program in which teams navigate through a customized route to complete photo challenges and brain teasers to earn points. Unbeknownst to the participants, an undisclosed charitable mission is hidden in the fun and excitement of this treasure hunt game. Each team is tasked with locating and returning a packaged mystery item to the ending location of the event. When all the teams packages are opened and assembled, the donation is revealed to the group!

Operation Military Care

military care

Teams work through a series of fun and engaging team building games to earn “points” which are used to purchase products and materials leading to the assembly of care packages for soldiers and military personnel overseas! In this touching philanthropic program, mind benders, problem solving initiatives and various puzzles keep the group interacting and fully engaged. Participants are then introduced to a surprise military guest, who accepts your generous donation on behalf of the troops! This is an extraordinary way to infuse your group with energy and feelings of goodwill.

We Care for Kids

We care for Kids

We Care for Kids is a charitable giving program which creates immediate, tangible results through the building and donating of items for children in the local community. During the event, teams may be assembling camp packs, teddy bears or other stuffed animals, rocking horses, wagons, bikes and more. If you want to make a difference in the life of a child, We Care for Kids is an event your group will never forget.

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