5 Tips for Keeping Attendees Safe from the Caribbean’s Mosquito-Borne Virus, Chikungunya

If you are planning an upcoming inventive program or corporate event in the Caribbean, take heed.  The CDC and US Embassy in the Dominican Republic have issued a public health watch concerning a mosquito-borne virus, Chikungunya, that is spreading through Central and South America.  Here are 5 useful tips to share with attendees of your upcoming programs:

Keep hotel balcony sliders closed when in your sleeping room.

Wear long sleeves and pants as weather permits.

Apply sunscreen first and then insect repellent containing at least 20% Deet.

Treat clothing with permethrin (available for purchase through most drug stores and WalMart).

Plan for indoor activities during the day when the virus is most commonly transmitted.

According to the CDC, the Chikungunya virus is rarely fatal, however, the symptoms can be severely painful and disabling. Most people who are infected feel better within one week.  The virus is prevalent throughout most Central and South American countries with approximately half of the cases in the Dominican Republic.   CEO, Andy McNeill says, “If you are planning to contract a group in an infected country, we strongly recommend doing your research and ensuring an exit clause in the event of a more severe outbreak.”

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