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5 Digital Tools Meetings Industry Suppliers Should Be Using

Digital solutions that allow suppliers to know their customers are more readily available now than ever before. It is important to have a well rounded […]

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Why Session Tracking is an Essential Part of Your Event Planning Checklist

Tracking data online has been made easy by the use of metrics and tools like tracking pixels, but many companies despair of getting similar results in real-world settings. After all, how do you track a real-world sales funnel unless a customer provides you with data by filling out a survey, for example? In this era of nearly unfettered technological advances, there is a solution for event hosts that want to act as a fly on the wall, so to speak, and follow attendees during their time at the event: session tracking. […]

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What Should You Look for in Event Management Software?

Event management and planning is a complex and multifaceted process that requires unique technology for organization and efficiency. In addition to managing basics like scheduling and guest lists, the software can be used for marketing and promotional efforts, recruitment, media for events, registration, follow-ups, and maintaining contacts, including vendors and event management staff, among other tasks. […]

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Get strategic: a scoring tool for current suppliers

It is all too easy to neglect current vendor relationships when there is no crisis or obvious decision point in sight. But to do so […]

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Get strategic: tools for supplier sourcing and management

If you’re responsible for supplier sourcing, likely you’re under the gun to make decisions that will best serve your company and that will save time […]

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