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Attendee marketing

Common Issues to Avoid when Marketing a Global Event

People say the world is shrinking, that we are increasingly becoming a global market in which the boundaries between nations are blurred.  Certainly, the growth […]

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How to Utilize Social Media Influencers to Drive Attendance

Working with social media influencers is an intriguing prospect for any company or global meeting planner looking to tap into new networks of prospective patrons. […]

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Planning an Expo that Your Attendees Will Love

Expos draw big crowds thanks to the promise of access to industry advances and educational opportunities.  You and your corporate meeting planner are ahead of […]

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Best of 2018: 5 Meeting Give-aways Attendees Will Love!

Click Here to Download and Print a PDF Version of this Article! What do your promotional items say about your company and brand? When an […]

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5 Effective Offline Event Marketing Tactics

You’ve no doubt embraced the wealth of options available online for marketing your events.  You and your corporate meeting planner probably use a strategy that […]

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The How and Why of Using Social Media Ads to Promote Your Next Event

If you want to raise attendance for your upcoming event, there are a number of ways to market and promote. You might choose traditional, blanket […]

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Attendees are Acting More Like Vacationers: They Want a Fun Experience

Modern professionals work pretty hard, so when they’re able to break out of their normal routines, it’s only natural they’d want to cut loose and […]

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Increase Attendance at Your Next Corporate Meeting, Event, Conference or Trade Show

Want to enhance your attendee marketing strategy for your next corporate meeting, event, conference or trade show?  Attendee Builder has the power to increase response […]

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