Bring the wow factor with a unique event venue

Using a venue that’s fresh and different can make your event a true experience, and a memorable one at that. Instead of trying to create unique atmosphere within the confines of a traditional venue, start with a venue that has the atmosphere built-in! An alluring venue will help increase event registration and attendees are more likely to share the event on their social networks.

There are a lot of benefits to using a unique venue for your event, but make sure you also take into account some of the pitfalls that may come with the territory, like potential restrictions on dates, menus, and requirements for extra insurance. While they may require a little extra effort up-front, unique venues can bring that wow factor to your event. Here are some of our favorites to get your wheels turning!


Clock Tower Events, Denver, United States

This clocktower space boasts a picturesque backdrop.


Adventure Aquarium, Camden, United States

Hold your event adjacent to a 550,000 gallon tank with 30 sharks.


Vintage Railroad Passenger Car, Los Angeles, United States

Event attendees will feel transported back in time in this 1949 passenger car.


Rainforest Biome, Cornwall, UK

Bring the jungle to your event in the world’s largest indoor rainforest.


Palais de Congres, Montreal, Canada

This stunning building will add a splash of color to your event.


Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, UK

Tap into local history with this beautiful victorian building.


Need some more ideas? Check out our blog post on different types of unique venues or reach out to us at (866) 337-7799 or for help on your next event.

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