5 tips to get the most from an A/V partner

Finding the right audio/visual partner is a crucial part of a seamless event and ensures that you can focus on what matters the most—the experience of your attendees. The ideal vendor takes the time to understand how their role will help your event be a success, operating as a seamless extension of your team and making sure you get the right equipment for the job. Here are some tips from the expert meeting planners at AMI to make sure you find a great A/V partner for your next event:

Pick the right vendor for your needs

Do you need someone who is already familiar with the venue? One that can handle large spaces or complex visuals? The first step is defining what your needs are so that you can articulate your requirements and ensure that the A/V partner will be a good match for you. Many venues can provide in-house A/V services and some even require that you use their preferred vendor, which may or may not be the best option for you. Read your contract closely and know your options.

Know what questions to ask

Do your research before comparing companies, and ask them about equipment, maintenance, staff, budget, security, contracts, and restrictions. The more information you can get upfront, the fewer surprises there will be during and after your event! A great A/V vendor should be able to help you anticipate and mitigate the common problems that arise during events. Take advantage of their expertise and experience.

Check out their portfolio

Most vendors have an online portfolio or will provide references. Compare events of similar size and scope to yours—looking at previous work will showcase their capabilities, experience, and can give you new ideas for your event. Keep an eye out for any industry certifications or awards on their website.

Make a game plan

Ensure that responsibilities are clearly outlined and that you have a plan in place for any contingencies that might occur. A detailed schedule can help streamline the process and keep everyone on target.

Ask your vendor for suggestions

When you find an A/V partner that you trust and enjoy working with, ask their opinion on how to make your event even better. Chances are, they may have ideas and resources that you hadn’t previously considered.

Check out some of our other tips on choosing an A/V partner or reach out to us at (866) 337-7799 or bd@AmericanMeetings.com for help on your next event.

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