What to do Before You Plan the Big Corporate Meeting: A Site Inspection Checklist

Last week we blogged about the critical steps one needs to take when conducting a site search, or venue inspection, for upcoming corporate meetings and events. This week we are providing you with a checklist to help carry you flawlessly through these steps and make your venue decision efficiently and smoothly.

Download this Checklist now, share with your meeting coordinator or event planner and use it at every one of your site inspections.  Always remember to consider any attendee disabilities or food allergies for which you may need to offer special or alternate accommodations.

This checklist walks you through the basics as well as the specifics so nothing is overlooked. A valuable tool and on-topic with last week’s insight.

Have you looked closely at …

  • Lobby Decor
  • Lobby Seating/Location
  • Lobby Condition/Cleanliness
  • Restaurant(s) Condition/Cleanliness
  • Restaurant(s) Décor
  • Restaurant(s) Menu Selection/Pricing
  • Restaurant(s) Food Quality
  • Public Restrooms Condition/Cleanliness
  • Public Restrooms Proximity
  • Adequate Security
  • Adequate Fire Safety
  • Adequate Special Needs
  • Overall Rating

Step back and take another look before you give your location a passing grade. Your inspection should take you beyond the visible elements. Take the time to experience the services, from sleeping rooms, to  in-room dining, to onsite audio visual offerings. Click here to download the Site Inspection Checklist.

Use it. Save it. Share it… and Happy Planning.

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