Need a Great Teambuilding Idea for Your Corporate Event?


While doing some research recently on teambuilding activities for an upcoming corporate event, we made this discovery. Scavenger Hunts for Corporate Groups. What a great way to think outside of the box and get outside during your corporate event for some quality team building with your co-workers and a chance to explore your host city.

Team building is a tried and true way to increase productivity and development positive bonds and attitudes. Plus, who doesn’t need a little energizing activity after the long hours a conference can bring to your week. Good team work outside of the office promotes good team work within the office. Check this out and give it a try for one of your next events.

See what Stray Boots has to say about their offers.  I know we’ll be looking into it.

“Discover the coolest parts of your host city in a fun, interactive way … Half treasure hunt, half tour, Stray Boots Urban Games challenge players to find sites, answer questions and complete photo challenges from the convenience of their cell phone. Our games can be played by traditional text message or on our mobile browser”

Click hereto learn more or visit their website at

We hope you enjoyed reading about this great team building idea as much as we did.  Happy Planning!

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