Use This Helpful Tool for Site Inspections

People who plan meetings, such as the VP of Marketing or the VP of Sales, have to do a lot of research prior to securing a venue or adding a venue to their preferred vendor list. Probably one of the first steps in this decision is the site inspection.

The site inspection involves an actual visit to determine the level of service and expectation a venue will be able to provide and if it will be able to accommodate their conference. They will visit the sleeping rooms, the meeting rooms, the common areas and the food and beverage services available.  In fact, so many aspects of investigation come into play that we have found a site inspection check list is the best way to conduct such an investigation.

We invite you to use the form below to walk you through the various steps of inspection to ensure you walk away with more than enough information to have on hand for later reference. Remember that several months may pass before you have the opportunity to utilize that particular venue, so keeping meticulous notes on file is essential for selecting the right venue when that time comes.

Click here to view and download the Site Inspection Checklist, courtesy of AMI.

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