AMI Showcasing Madrid, Spain

AMI successfully completed an Advisory Board meeting in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain.

Our certified project managers coordinated 2 different core groups that came in over a period of 3 days to prompt discussions among the advisors and gather feedback regarding EU policies as they related to prescriptions.  In addition, each advisor spoke on each of their individual countries policies.

The meetings format included 2 sets of attendees over a 3 days period, had on-site meals and provided multiple travel and transportation accommodations. The attendees came from throughout the EU, and Madrid provided ease of access for everyone travelling to the meeting.

The venue we selected was The Historic Hotel Ritz Madrid, which is located in the central part of the city, is close to parks, museums, shopping and restaurants and is a great place to host an event. If you see Madrid on your radar for future meetings and would like assistance in planning your event, contact American Meetings, Inc. at   or call toll free 866-337-7799.


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