5 ways to optimize your meetings and events spend with technology


Adopting the latest technologies can promise big rewards in terms of time and money saved for your company. So, how can you best put technology to work for your company’s meeting and events strategy and efforts?

Remember that technology is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. In other words, you don’t need to jump on each and every new technology, nor do you always need to take the more tech-intensive path if you’re not comfortable doing so. It’s worth asking yourself whether a given new technology will serve your company well and whether the time is right for your company to try something new.

Ideally, technology is a way to do more with less and to do it more easily. In particular, technology can enable the automation of many tasks, including aspects of the proposal process and data collection. Technology can help integrate your processes, letting you, for example, seamlessly pull data from one system into another. Virtual meetings are also a promising area because they can be much less costly and sometimes every bit as effective as face-to-face meetings.

To help you and your company think about how technology can optimize your meetings and events spend, we’ve created a handy infographic. Take a look and begin to understand some specific areas in which technology can deliver tangible results and meaningful benefits for you.

Use the infographic to offer up some useful ideas and generate discussion about the value of putting technology at the center of your meetings and events strategy.

AMI offers technology solutions for a number of meetings and events needs. We’re also well-equipped to guide and advise on all technological matters as a core part of your strategy.

Thanks for taking a peek at our infographic and feel free to share it with colleagues.


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