11 Valuable Tips for Creating the Ultimate HCP Meeting Experience

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These days, it can be challenging to plan a meeting for healthcare providers that is truly memorable. It can be challenging, but not impossible. By keeping these tips in mind along the way, you can keep your attendees engaged from start to finish and have them leaving feeling both educated and appreciated.

  1. Clearly define your meeting goals and objectives
    It is important to plan a meeting with a purpose. Clearly defining your meeting goals and objectives from the get-go will keep everyone involved on track. AMI Tip: Send the meeting objectives and/or a pre-survey to the HCPs prior to the meeting to elicit feedback on areas they’d like to cover.
  2. Determine who should attend
    Be sure you’re targeting the “right” HCPs, based on your meeting objectives and goals. AMI Tip: Seasoned HCPs are incredibly valuable, but consider inviting younger, “up-and-coming” HCPs, as well, so you have an array of fresh and interesting perspectives.
  3. Choose the right venue/destination
    Select a centrally located venue for the HCPs attending so travel is as quick and efficient as possible. Be sure the venue offers meeting space that suits your needs. AMI Tip: For day meetings, consider an airport hotel where they never have to leave the terminal!
  4. Be sensitive to an HCP’s time away from the office
    This is especially important when developing your agenda – not only for the HCPs but also for their patients. AMI Tip: A Friday evening reception followed by a Saturday meeting allows an HCP to miss minimal time away from the office and still have part of the weekend for him/herself.
  5. Make the most of a PhRMA-compliant budget
    PhRMA-compliant budgets are restrictive and there’s always a strong focus on reportable spending. But, restrictive doesn’t mean impossible to work with. Be creative! AMI Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask the chef at the hotel or restaurant to offer creative options to fit your budget. Most welcome the challenge of providing creative food options.
  6. Provide robust and relevant content
    In today’s fast-paced, data-driven environment, it’s important to deliver the most robust and relevant content possible. AMI Tip: Poll the audience often to gauge interest and level of knowledge, and share the feedback with the audience immediately. This will increase participation and HCP engagement.
  7. Utilize innovative ways to get HCPs involved and keep them engaged
    There are new and exciting ways to keep HCPs engaged with cutting-edge technology (audio/visual, audience response, etc.). AMI Tip: Utilize audience response technologies either handheld or even in a mobile app to keep attendees engaged. Consider integrating questions/surveys and polling throughout the entire meeting.
  8. Offer HCPs an opportunity to network and collaborate onsite
    HCPs appreciate having the opportunity to collaborate and network with their peers onsite. This is a major value-add to your meeting. AMI Tip: Receptions, meals, beaks, and breakout sessions are great ways to offer your HCPs a chance to network with their peers. Consider utilizing name tents at meals to encourage HCP’s to sit with different colleagues during social meals.
  9. Survey HCPs for feedback on content and logistics
    Give the HCPs an opportunity to provide feedback on meeting logistics and content. Use this data to improve future meetings.    AMI Tip: Keep surveys as succinct as possible, and have them fill out and hand in when they pick up their Honoria (if applicable).
  10. Process HCP Payments quickly and efficiently
    It’s professional and courteous to pay honoraria right away and process reimbursable expenses as quickly as possible. AMI Tip: Prep honoraria checks ahead of time so they’re ready to hand out or mail as soon as the meeting is over.
  11. Say “Thank You!”
    Make sure the HCPs feel appreciated for participating. A simple hand-written “thank you” goes a long way and solidifies a positive relationship going forward. AMI Tip: Don’t let too much time lapse before you extend your thanks. Be prompt and sincere. A letter or handwritten thank you for accompanying the honoraria check works nicely.

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