4 Corporate Entertainment Ideas – Step out of the Ordinary

If you’re planning on booking entertainment for your next corporate meeting or event, sometimes it makes sense to choose something that’s a little out of the ordinary. By being inventive with your choices, you can introduce your guests to a truly special experience. Make sure your talent is a good match for the tone and nature of the event. By investigating your options and being a little edgy you can create a very special experience. It’s essential that the importance of entertainment isn’t overlooked when you are putting on a corporate event. Even if the venue is brilliant and the food amazing, the entertainment may be remembered above all else. It’s always a good idea to see potential entertainers at work before you go ahead and secure a booking. To get you started, here are four ideas to make your event extra special:

1. Caricature Artist: The Caricatures from Photo Service is done completely online for anyone around the world. They can also draw caricatures live at various events. 


2. Comedy Hypnotist: About The Show is fast-paced, fun. It will keep everyone laughing. The volunteers are hypnotized & venture into the world of the imagination. They become the stars of the show! Almost anything Rich suggests becomes reality for the participants. See volunteers fall asleep at the snap of a finger & play in fun hypnotic skits that will have your audience laughing & applauding, all without embarrassing anyone. His captivating show will leave you begging for more as the volunteers perform. Where ever their hypnotic journey takes them, the fun and laughter of this unique entertainment experience will long be remembered by the volunteers & audience. 


3. High impact live entertainment: A unique entertainment experience, where nature comes to life with an extraordinary combination of movement, music, and live interaction. Each element weaves an enchanting tapestry in a stunning display of visual images and illusions. This is The Living Garden, mesmerizing audiences young and old at a host of venues throughout the world.

Living Garden

4. Customized Performances By Acrobats: The American Acrobats provides the corporate, special and private event industries with customized performances with their elite troupe of highly cross-trained professional performers. They also have an “Extreme Team” of performers that do huge promotional stunts for media attention such as rappelling from a helicopter into events, sky diving, base jumping, zip lines, aerialists performing from helium and hot air balloons, performers descending down the side of tall buildings, etc. They are also known for their high-profile celebrity events and shows for Fortune 500 companies. The American Acrobats have worked for every major Hollywood film studio providing stunts and stunt coordination. They have also performed for every major league sport – 3 Super Bowl events, several NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, MLS All-Star Game, MLB, and NBA. They have also provided many services including show consultation for every major theme park. They have an outstanding reputation of being very professional, have a high level of integrity, and are easy to work with especially when challenges arise. Owners Danny & Karen Castle have both been recognized in their industry by being inducted into the Hall of Legends by the World Acrobatics Society. Acrobats

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