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Nothing beats the feeling of staying in a good boutique hotel, where you can feel like you’re being pampered while having that homey feel. Join your hosts Todd Bludworth and Andy McNeill as they share some of their favorite boutique hotels where you can have your gatherings. So pack up your things and start planning that business trip because these hotels are not to be missed. Start living elegantly on these dream destinations today.

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Top Notch Boutique Hotels For Small Meetings

A truly good boutique hotel will make you feel like you’re at home while being pampered and spoiled. This experience is like no other.

In today’s episode, hosts Todd Bludworth and Andy McNeill list down some top-notch boutique hotels you can go to for small meetings, gatherings, and whatnot.

These boutique hotels usually come from the big branded ones. But today, Todd and Andy will talk about the more independent boutique hotels.

Kimpton Pittman Hotel

Located in downtown Dallas, the Kimpton Pittman Hotel is near all your important amenities. From McKinney Avenue, you can go to the Design District for all your shopping and food dining. There’s even a wonderful little place called the Think Tank Boardroom. This is the perfect spot for all your small little gatherings or executive meetings.

The Foundry Hotel

Located at the Block neighborhood in Asheville, The Foundry Hotel is another great one on the list. Asheville is mostly known for being a small town but it’s also home to one of the greatest boutique hotels in North Carolina. Believe it or not, this hotel is actually a restored steel factory. Also, its on-site restaurant is Benne On Eagle, led by 5-time James Beard-nominated chef John Fleer.

Brazillian Court Hotel

Located at Palm Beach, Worth Avenue is the Brazillian Court Hotel. It’s a small 80-room property but it’s right there on Worth Avenue. You’ll probably be a block away from the beach and all the shopping and food. Imagine living near the beach, that is what it feels like to be in the Brazillian Court Hotel.

Hotel Drisco

Across the other coast from Palm Bech is Hotel Drisco. This hotel resides in the prestigious Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. It’s a 1903 Edwardian boutique hotel. It marries traditional elegance with modern-day luxury. It’s the perfect spot for your executive retreats or board meetings. They also serve chocolate-covered shortbread cookies. How can you say no to that?

The Maven Hotel

Then located right in the lower downtown part of Denver, near their fantastic airport is The Maven Hotel. If you’re going in and out of Denver this is the boutique hotel for you. It’s elegant and modern. Its loft-like design will make you feel right at home.

To summarize, some good boutique hotels would be the Kimpton Pittman Hotel, The Foundry Hotel, Brazillian Court Hotel, Hotel Drisco, and The Maven Hotel. These are only some of the best and top-notch boutique hotels that you need to go to right now. Start planning that business trip, family trip, or honeymoon, and get right into some of these hotels.

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