Top 5 Beach Destinations With Alex Malebranche (Spotlight Episode)

DE 304 Alex | Beach Destinations

Looking for corporate incentive travel tips? In this episode, Todd Bludworth sits down with Alex Malebranche to discuss their favorite travel and beach destinations! Alex is the founder of PlaneAhead and has traveled in about 30 countries—and counting! His love for travel was also what inspired his company, PlaneAhead, where he helps his customers get the best airline prices for their trips. Tune in as he discusses how you can save on your next flight!

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Top 5 Beach Destinations With Alex Malebranche (Spotlight Episode)

In this episode, host Todd Bludworth sits down with PlaneAhead Founder Alex Malebranche to discuss their favorite travel and beach destinations. Alex has travelled in over 30 countries and has been a frequent flyer since he was young. According to him, “The world is such a cool place, I need to go see different parts of the world.”

Favorite Travel Spots:

In the 30 countries that Alex has been to, he lists some of his favorite locations. The Maldives is the most amazing from a water perspective. The Maldives is hundreds of islands and you need to travel via seaplane. From an architectural perspective, Dubai is probably the most incredible thing you’ll see where you’ll think of buildings that aren’t supposed to look like that.

The Idea Behind PlaneAhead

The serendipitous occasion that sparked the idea for PlaneAhead was simple. Alex’s sister was getting married but because of COVID, it got pushed back. He persistently checked in with his local airline and when he found a sale, Alex received $700 back in credit. And he used that credit to bring his family, and then a newborn baby, for a vacation at the Hilton. Fast forward to him messaging more of the entourage for his sister’s wedding and them saving a total of $2,500 of credit. There was no reason why this kind of system shouldn’t exist so Alex made it so through PlaneAhead.

Benefits of PlaneAhead

Aside from the huge cost savings from using the platform, there are many more features and benefits to using PlaneAhead. Here are some of them:

  • Serves both corporate and individual customers
  • Runs on a membership model
  • Triggers your personal email for changes
  • There’s no one else like them

Top 5 Beach Destinations

Saving on one trip means you have more to spare for the next one! Here are Alex’s top five beach destinations for your next event destination travel!

  • Maldives
  • Australia
  • Barcelona
  • Anguilla
  • San Diego

About Alex Malebranche

DE 304 Alex | Beach DestinationsAlex Malebranche is the founder of PlaneAhead. He is a passionate traveler and has traveled to about 30 countries! He is a husband and father of 2 beautiful girls!
Alex grew up in Chicago, IL, and was raised by his Haitian immigrant single mother. As a first-generation immigrant, he was inspired by his mother and determined to make a difference. Alex is a graduate of Miami University, where he studied Accounting all while serving in the US Army. After his time studying, Alex worked for innovative companies and worked in a fast-paced work environment such as Amazon. He was the first employee on the delivery team at a WiFi-driven tech unicorn, Plume.

His passion for travel started when I studied abroad in Australia. As he visited other countries, he started to learn about different cultures and developed a sense of awareness, empathy, respect, and curiosity for people around the world.
Alex founded PlaneAhead in March 2021 during the pandemic. Driven to make a change in the travel industry, Alex is devoted to innovating the way we travel and creating opportunities to make traveling the world more accessible.

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