Discover the Network you need to succeed in 2019

Discover the Network you need to succeed in 2019

The American Meetings Network – Global Procurement Day

During Global Procurement Day, we develop stronger and deeper relationships with our partner suppliers, while also preparing them to work closely with our global network. The American Meetings Network brings together the best meeting planning talent, venues, technology, and services worldwide—to build and flawlessly deliver the meeting experiences AMI’s Fortune 500 clients demand for engaging their key audiences.

“This is literally the single most valuable event I have ever attended as a supplier. The way that AMI presets the meetings for you, your time is so well spent. It helps everybody feel focused because they are condensed time slots. They keep it moving beautifully and everything has been provided in a way that suppliers are set up to succeed.” 

Rebecca Sahlin, VP of Sales, Commonwealth Worldwide Executive Transportation


Meet directly with our meeting planners and sourcing managers

  • Thursday, March 7th
  • Wednesday, May 22nd
  • Thursday, September 19th
  • Thursday, December 5th

Attend our next Global Procurement Day: March 7th, 2019!

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4 Things Meeting Planners Want From Their Sales Professionals

4 Things Meeting Planners Want From Their Sales Professionals

What influences buying decisions for today’s Sourcing Managers and Meetings Planners?


Here are four seller capabilities that every meeting Industry sales professional should master.

  1. Understand their business – Do your homework and research your prospective client so you can make valuable recommendations – never start a meeting with “So, tell me about your company”.
  2. Maintain exceptional communication skills throughout the entire sales cycle – From listening actively and asking insightful questions to virtual presentations and negotiation, today’s Meeting Planners expect that every interaction is both clear and compelling.
  3. Master the Post-Sale – Suppliers often aren’t focusing enough on what happens after the sale. Maintain communications with your clients – Birthday cards, holiday emails and touch-point email marketing are all effective methods to stay front of mind.
  4. Provide Insight and Perspective – Suppliers need to be able to differentiate themselves against their competition. Providing well-informed insights and perspective (or, failing to) can often make the difference in the buying decision.

Master these 4 seller capabilities and watch your sales soar!