November 6, 2018

4 Things Meeting Planners Want From Their Sales Professionals

What influences buying decisions for today’s Sourcing Managers and Meetings Planners?

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Here are four seller capabilities that every meeting Industry sales professional should master.

  1. Understand their business – Do your homework and research your prospective client so you can make valuable recommendations – never start a meeting with “So, tell me about your company”.
  2. Maintain exceptional communication skills throughout the entire sales cycle – From listening actively and asking insightful questions to virtual presentations and negotiation, today’s Meeting Planners expect that every interaction is both clear and compelling.
  3. Master the Post-Sale – Suppliers often aren’t focusing enough on what happens after the sale. Maintain communications with your clients – Birthday cards, holiday emails and touch-point email marketing are all effective methods to stay front of mind.
  4. Provide Insight and Perspective – Suppliers need to be able to differentiate themselves against their competition. Providing well-informed insights and perspective (or, failing to) can often make the difference in the buying decision.

Master these 4 seller capabilities and watch your sales soar!

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