Attendees are Acting More Like Vacationers: They Want a Fun Experience

Attendees are Acting More Like Vacationers: They Want a Fun Experience

Modern professionals work pretty hard, so when they’re able to break out of their normal routines, it’s only natural they’d want to cut loose and have a little fun.  Unfortunately, more and more professionals are trying to squeeze vacation time into their work trips, and that can compromise their ability to soak up all the information you hope to provide.

How can meeting and event hosts and corporate event planning companies get attendees back on track and draw their focus to the task at hand?  One great way is to make your meetings and events more fun so they don’t have to look elsewhere to have a good time.  This not only keeps attendees interested, but also ensures an immersive experience, positive reviews, repeat attendance, and a growing list of attendees at future events.  Here are a few ways you and your event management services partner can make your event vacationer-friendly.

Corporate Event Planning Companies Must Sell the Destination

What do vacationers look for when seeking destinations?  Often, they won’t resort accommodations, area attractions, and access to local favorites like cuisine and cultural events.  When you go to Hawaii, you stay at a beach-front hotel and go to a luau, right?  How can you and your event management services partner incorporate this same principle into your event?

First, you have to choose an appropriate destination, one that offers the exciting and adventurous vibe vacationers expect.  From there you can find ways to work the destination into the theme of your event to make every aspect of the affair unified and add the vacation aesthetic to what would otherwise be just another industry event.

Incorporate Area Locations with Your Event Management Services Team

All work and no play…well, you know the rest.  Event attendees are going to want to sample the local flavors of your destination, and you can help them by setting up soirees that feature local foods and planning group excursions into the local environs to see area attractions.

The more you’re able to keep the group together, the greater opportunity you have to add value and impart your message.  Experienced corporate event planning companies should have some ideas about how to weave together fun and education through destination-specific activities.

Switch Up Locations Annually

Sometimes, coming back to a place you’ve already been is like coming home, but well-traveled vacationers are always on the lookout for something new.  Choosing a new location for your annual conference or event can maintain interest levels for repeat attendees, as well as draw new attendees that live closer to the current location.

Don’t Lose Your Core Focus

Says John Cotter, COO at AMI, “It’s true that more attendees are seeking the novelty of a vacation destination, but the main purpose of attending any event is still education, so you can’t skimp on content.”  Corporate event planning companies can find ways to make destinations more inviting and fun without dropping the ball on hiring notable speakers and choosing relevant and engaging topics.

With an experienced event management services partner like American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) on your side, you should be able to make every event more like a fun vacation experience while still providing the educational resources attendees expect.

Sustainability in Meetings and Events

Sustainability in Meetings and Events

Whether you’re hosting meetings and events in your own backyard or you’ve chosen a global destination, the last thing you want to do is create excessive pollution and waste in the course of planning and executing your gathering.  Not only is this detrimental to your host city, but it could offend attendees and perhaps tarnish your image in the process.

This is why so many event hosts and their event management teams are working to find ways to make events, both large and small, more sustainable.  The good news is, there are several avenues to explore, and some could even save money and add convenience for guests.  Here are just a few strategies you and your event company can employ to add sustainability to your upcoming events.

Partner With Experts

Says Aurelio DeMendoza, SR VP Marketing and Strategic Alliances “Sustainable events are easier than ever to plan and execute because so many businesses are seeking ways to do their part and offer green products and services.  You just have to search for resources that contribute to your event in suitable ways.”  For the past 3 years, AMI has been a promotional partner and has attended the SPLC Summit in Minneapolis, MN.  The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council works to improve sustainability efforts globally and the annual conference brings over 400 professionals together yearly to find ways to improve.  The partnership with the SPLC has given AMI the opportunity to improve sustainability efforts in meetings and events.

Ask Your Event Company To Focus On The 3 R’s

The three R’s are: reduce, reuse, and recycle.  You and your event company have endless options to implement these eco-friendly principles.  A good place to start if you’re interested in sustainability is by going paperless.  Many companies have already done this in the office setting, at least to a degree, by upgrading to digital file storage systems, and you can gain the same benefits when you go paperless for events.

Technology has paved the way for an easy transition to paper-free affairs, now that everything can be managed online and through apps.  Not only can attendees find information, sign up, and pay online, but you and your event management partner can find ways to continue the trend at your event.

Your registration booth could utilize digital check-in via tablets or you could provide attendees with an app for remote check-in that allows them to skip the line.  You could provide digital passes (instead of paper badges) that attendees can flash on their smartphones and you can upload all materials (itineraries, maps, etc.) for attendees to access digitally.  This will cut down on all kinds of paper and other waste and provide added convenience for guests.

In addition to going paperless, you could reduce energy use by hosting meetings, panels, or other activities in sunlit rooms or even outdoors, weather permitting.  Instead of stocking welcome baskets with prepackaged items, you could include reusable water bottles and fresh fruit, or opt for snacks produced by companies subscribing to sustainable practices

Go Local

Sustainability takes many forms, and one thing you and your event management company can do to create sustainability on every front is a partner with local businesses, especially those that have their own eco-friendly initiatives.  For example, you might choose a caterer that offers an organic and locally-sourced menu.  You could work with a local taxi service that uses hybrid and/or electric cars.  You could find hotels and venues that prize sustainability.

If you want to plan sustainable events, start by partnering with an experienced global event management company like American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) that has the knowledge and resources to put you on the right path.