6 Tips on Developing An Effective Mission Statement


At last week’s quarterly staff training, the AMI team revisited its Mission Statement and brainstormed about what updates we can make in light of new technologies, services, and solutions we provide our clients.  AMI CEO, Andy McNeill, feels that re-examining your mission statement every so often helps to guide the organization toward its goals and objectives and provides an opportunity to increase the productivity of our corporate meeting planners.

An effective mission statement is a short narrative (one to three sentences) that describes the general focus of the organization, including the intent and philosophy of the company.  Based on our experience, here are some tips on how an entire team can collaborate in the forming of a mission statement:

  1. Ask the team to think about what the company means to them and the value they bring to their clients/customers.  In our case, we asked our team to think about why our clients would hire us to plan their corporate meeting.
  2. Have everyone throw out keywords and phrases and record them on a large flipchart for all to see.
  3. Narrow down redundant terms and mutually agree on at least 5 of the most relevant keywords.
  4. Following the brainstorming, bring together a smaller group of your leadership team to begin drafting the keywords into a few useful phrases.  You should leave this meeting with 2-3 possible mission statements for the organization.
  5. Bring the drafted mission statements back to the entire team and have them vote for their favorite.  In our case, the team decided to pull one sentence from Option 1 and combine it with another sentence from Option 3 to come up with the final product.
  6. Print and post the final mission statement in each workstation as a reminder of the collaborative effort among team members.
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