Can the Vuzix Blade Succeed for Meeting Planners Where Google Glass Failed?

There was a lot of hype over Google Glass when the interactive wearable was unveiled a few years ago, and yet, you probably haven’t heard much about it since. Not only was it supposed to spread through the consumer world like wildfire, but the potential for use in industries ranging from marketing and education to hospitality and event management for Meeting Planners was a source of some excitement.

What happened to this high-profile experiment that initially won such praise? Unfortunately, it may have simply been ahead of its time, and in the rush to launch, Google seemingly overlooked several glaring flaws. The good news for the average Meeting Planners, educators, or marketing professionals, is that there is a new option on the market.

How Did Google Glass Fail Event Managers?

The laundry list of complaints about the failures of Google Glass to live up to expectations began with buggy software, which is bad enough from the standpoint of a professional Meeting Planners or someone using the technology to enhance the event experience. However, the conversation quickly turned to privacy concerns at every level.

There were reports of usage being monitored and private conversations being recorded. Then there were health concerns about the constant proximity of Wi-fi signals near the head, as well as safety concerns like visibility and focus while driving. Even worse, the “explorer” program made users feel like little more than unpaid beta testers.

Event management professionals utilizing the product initially gushed over options like voice commands, hands-free functionality, social connectivity, tracking and crowdsourcing data like video feeds, not to mention options like geofencing or site planning that could be extremely useful to Meeting Planners or anyone managing live meetings and events. Unfortunately, the many problems inherent to Google Glass prevented the product from delivering on lofty expectations.

Benefits of Vuzix for the Average Meeting Planners

While Google Glass serves as a cautionary tale, the onward march of technology can’t be stopped. Stepping up to bat is Vuzix, offering the world’s first augmented reality smart sunglasses dubbed “Blade”. Perhaps they earned the name because they look so sharp? Regardless, it’s what the glasses can do that’s really earned the interest of event management professionals.

These glasses do a lot more than block UV rays – the patented waveguide optics technology allows for hands-free mobile computing and connectivity with a heads-up display that connects directly to smartphone functionality. Users will also enjoy an 8MP HD camera, Cobra display engines, USB and Bluetooth audio, built-in microphones, and a simple swipe/tap interface at the temple.

Third-party app integration through the open platform means practically unlimited potential for targeted applications. With access to maps, messaging, connected devices, and more, these smart sunglasses are a virtual command center you wear on your face. When provided to meeting or event attendees, they can offer untold opportunities for interaction and engagement.

According to the CEO of American Meetings, Inc., “the Vuzix Blade technology has the potential to succeed where Google Glass failed so spectacularly”. Says Andy McNeill,

“Vuzix is a strategist’s dream tool. Planning and executing meetings and events is a detail-oriented undertaking, and the convenience and versatility provided by this product can help to personalize a meeting or even allow for unique gamification opportunities.”

Smart devices like Vuzix are on the radar of forward-thinking companies like AMI that are always looking for the best ways to create strategic advantages and offer innovative solutions for clients. A partnership with AMI means those planning or managing meetings will always have the technology and services needed to plan and execute the best possible event.

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