6 Ways Your Meeting Planner Can Utilize Alexa at Your Hospitality Desk

A Meeting Planner Can Utilize Alexa as a Digital Assistant at Your Hospitality Desk

Alexa is ostensibly a consumer convenience, allowing homeowners to access and manage their many smart devices with no more than a voice command, as well as providing access to data without having to tap, swipe, or even hold a smartphone or tablet. Alexa is a virtual assistant for the masses that turns any home into a smart one. Let’s take a look at how your meeting planner can use this electronic helper to increase the value of your hospitality desk at your next meeting.

This smart connected device has applications for businesses, as well, especially those looking to streamline their many meetings and events. Any meeting planner or convention planner can find clever ways to implement Alexa’s particular toolbox during strategic planning and implementation. However, those in the trenches at events, from the conference organizer to the person manning the registration desk, will find nearly endless applications for this handy helper.

American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) CEO Andy McNeill says,

“Alexa offers exciting possibilities for events like meetings, conferences, and conventions. This interactive technology delivers instant information and voice connectivity that makes it easier to meet the needs of attendees and ensure a positive experience.”

How can you, a meeting planner, utilize Alexa at your registration or hospitality desk during meetings and events? Here are a few simple tips to put you on the right path.

1. Add ambient music to please any convention planner or event attendee

Waiting in line to check-in for a convention or trying to get needed information can be a stressful and annoying process for event attendees. Asking Alexa to provide your registration or hospitality desk with suitably soothing ambient music can create a relaxing atmosphere that will help relax guests, provide a positive experience, and create a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Schedule Ubers

Many events happen off-site or even in other cities. Some involve alcoholic beverages. Regardless, it’s not a bad idea to make sure you facilitate safe ride options for event attendees. In this regard, Alexa is a boom for any meeting planner, convention planner, meeting coordinator, or registration desk attendant.

Alexa can be used to quickly and easily call Ubers for guests that need rides home or that wish to explore the surrounding environs where a conference is taking place. Certainly, guests can manage this for themselves (if they happen to use Uber), but by providing this perk you can add convenience and ensure safe transport for guests that need it.

3. Determine drive time to and from event locations

Whether you’re transporting event attendees to additional locations, sending town cars to ferry guests to and from the airport/area hotels, or assisting guests who are responsible for their own transportation, Alexa can provide pertinent information on routes and drive times in real-time. This can help to control expectations, ease transitions, and add a level of convenience that guests appreciate.

4. Check attendee flight status

Whether you’re waiting for keynote speakers to check in with the conference organizer or guests are outbound and interested in finding out if their flights have been delayed before they leave for the airport, Alexa once again has the task well in hand. Voice commands expedite the process of checking flight status for guests, who may or may not have needed apps, or who might be dealing with common issues like limited phone charge or spotty Wi-Fi service, for example.

5. Concierge service from a caring conference organizer convention planner can do a lot to set up needed tools at events, but the employees manning the registration or hospitality desk are the ones tasked with helping guests while an event is underway. Alexa can deliver all the information a concierge might normally provide.

6. Three other ways to use Alexa® for your on-site staff

  • It can be used to offer suggestions for stellar area restaurants
  • Book reservations for dining or shows
  • Provide details about anticipated weather patterns

Meeting planners, meeting champions, and event organizers should consider it a digital assistant that has access to any information you might need to provide for meeting or event attendees at a moment’s notice.

Implementing a plan that includes Alexa for quick assistance is a great way to incorporate versatile technology and use it to optimal benefit.

Working with a reputable and experienced partner in event coordination like American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) can deliver not only the technologies needed to add value and convenience to your event but also innovative strategies about how to use them to your best advantage. With AMI in your corner, you’ll impress guests and host a successful and memorable event every time.

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