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Hotels are the places to be when you need accommodation and want to immerse in the area’s rich history and culture. In this special look-back episode on one of their past spotlight discussions, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth list down their top five unique hotel traditions and events. From the Peninsula on the West Coast all the way to Dromoland Castle in Ireland, the duo discusses how each hotel showcases the extravagant things their respective regions have to offer.

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Looking Back With Andy And Todd: Top 5 Unique Hotel Traditions And Events

In this special episode, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth look back on one of their spotlight discussions. This one features unique traditions and events they have encountered in some of the most famous hotels around the world.


Located in Beverly Hills, this is the only five-star hotel in Southern California.

Best Traditions And Events

  • The hotel implements “Peninsula Time,” a policy where guests can check in and out at any time.
  • Guest initials are monogrammed on their pillowcases, which they can take home.
  • The Le Petit Belvedere restaurant pours champagne at every table and toasts to all guests every 8:00 in the evening without fail.

Grove Park Inn

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, this historic hotel that opened in 1931 offers mesmerizing mountain views. Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald stayed in Rooms 441 and 443 around his birthday in September. One of the rooms was used for writing while the other one for sleeping. Fitzgerald came to Grove Park Inn to cure himself of his gin addiction by drinking around 56 pony beers a day. His wife Zelda was also being treated at a nearby mental hospital at that time.

Best Traditions And Events

  • The hotel offers a room tour with a professor to backtrack Fitzgerald’s historic yet turbulent stay at Grove Park Inn.
  • During the weekends, a Fitzgerald Gin and Jazz social is held. Guests dress up in 1920’s attire and live out a Great Gatsby theme for a night.

Windsor Court Hotel

Located in New Orleans, this luxury 23-floor establishment opened in 1984 and showcases Windsor England-inspired facilities.

Best Traditions And Events

  • The hotel offers a traditional Afternoon Tea with a twist. They have special themed tea events throughout the year, such as Mardi Gras Tea, Princess Team, LGB-Tea, and Halloween Tea.
  • Guests can request assistance from the hotel to make arrangements to participate in different events in New Orleans, especially if they want to be part of a float parade. Some of these world-famous gatherings include Mardi Gras (from Epiphany to a day before Lent, features themed costumes, parades, and balls), French Quarter Fest (every April, features local artists and local food vendors), Jazz and Heritage Fest (every late April to early May, features the best jazz music in the world), and New Orleans Food and Wine Experience (every June, perfect for food and wine lovers who want to go on tasting, seminars, and tours).

May Fair Hotel

Located in the “toniest” part of London that the wealthiest and most fashionable people call home – Mayfair London. This hotel opened in 1927 and initially catered to London’s high society. Nowadays, it has a five-star rating and continues to attract the same elite people.


Best Traditions And Events

  • May Fair Hotel is the official venue of London Fashion Week every June, the city’s most glamorous time of the year. Guests who visit around this time have a chance to catch the biggest names in the fashion world, especially in their legendary restaurant and bar, May Fair Kitchen and May Fair Bar.

Dromoland Castle

Located in Ireland, this 450-acre property houses a 16th-century castle that has been converted into a luxury hotel since 1962.

Best Traditions And Events

  • To keep castle traditions alive, the hotel keeps falconry, a lake stocked with trout for fishing, and a clay pigeon shooting area.
  • Whiskey tasting in the hotel bar is a must-try.
  • Discover your Irish roots and ancestry by meeting Dromoland Castle’s very own genealogy expert. She will discuss her findings over tea, coffee, and scones, detailing where your family may have originated. This gives you a list of towns, castles, and graveyards to visit that may have a connection to your ancestors.

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