Kim Gustavsson On Concierge Travel And The Best Places For Your Next Company Retreat

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When doing concierge travel, you must find the right places everyone can enjoy. You will be handling huge groups and organizations, so finding a place that offers a unique experience is key. From the Haciendas of Cuernavaca to the City of New Orleans, many different places around North America can provide something unique.

Join Todd Bludworth as he talks to Kim Gustavsson about travel concierge. Kim has traveled to 86 countries, studied seven languages and worked as a consultant for Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation. He also owns one of the world’s largest LGBTQ cruise and vacation agencies. Learn more about concierge travel and where you can bring people on their next retreat.

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Kim Gustavsson On Concierge Travel And The Best Places To Take 20+ People.

In today’s episode, Kim Gustavsson of Concierge Travel, Inc. shares some great locations for your company retreat. Kim worked as an international concierge with organizations as big as American Heart Association. From Cuernavaca to Puerto Vallarta, there’s always a destination that offers a unique experience. Learn how to research and investigate your location before you leave. You don’t want to go to a place with nothing interesting to offer. In today’s episode, you’ll also get more info about which cruise you should book for your whole team. You need a lot of space at just the right price for your work-related retreats. So maybe Odyssey of the Seas can work out for you? Discover more about travel concierges in this episode of Destination Everywhere.

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is a large organization, so finding great retreat locations will always be difficult. While Kim Gustavsson was working with them as an outside contractor, not only would he find these great locations. He would also assist these doctors abroad. The location also determines how many would go. Doctors would instead bring their families to cities like New Orleans rather than Dallas or Chicago. So a great American location is always key.

What To Look For In A Location?

It just takes simple research and investigation to find the place you’re looking for. Back when there was no internet, Kim Gustavsson had to put in the time. One key thing is to find the top restaurants in that location. Look for things that make the place stand out. You want to give unique experiences to everyone, not just families.

Travel Ships And Cruises

When looking for a travel ship or cruise for your large group, you want large meeting spaces onboard. For most cruises, you can get a better rate than a full ship charge as a group.

Top Destinations For Groups Under 20 People

North America, especially around Mexico City, has some of the best and biggest places you can bring a group of 20+ people to.

  • Haciendas outside Mexico City (like Cuernavaca)
  • Puerto Vallarta

About Kim Gustavsson

DE 356 | Concierge TravelBorn and raised in Sweden, Kim lived in California, Mexico, and Texas. Traveled to 86 countries, studied seven languages and worked as a Leadership Development and Organizational Transformation consultant.

Owned the agency since 1997. We are one of the world’s largest LGBTQ Cruise and vacation agencies. Traveling and exploring different cultures is a passion of mine. I live in Houston with my Husband and our Chocolate Lab. We have homes in Fort Lauderdale, Houston and Puerto Vallarta.

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