Justin Cohen – Motivation and the Psychology of Success

What are the psychological drivers of success? A Harvard study found only one key factor present in the star performers in sport, business, art and science – motivation. The problem is, for most people motivation is like a hot bath — it goes cold quickly. ‘The Psychology of Success’, won’t motivate your people, rather it will provide the psychological tools for self-motivation. With a combination of cutting edge research, humor, entertaining stories and practical take-home tools, Justin will help your people unleash their psychology for success.

Justin Cohen is the author of three books and seven audio books. This presentation is based on his best-selling audio book: ‘How to Develop Your Psychology for Success’. Justin presented and produced a television talk show, where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. He speaks and trains internationally. Justin’s areas of expertise are in motivation, sales, service and leadership. He has an honors degree in Psychology.

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