The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events

Best Practices and Solutions to Delivering Successful Hybrid Events & Meetings.

Read our 27-page hybrid events guide today and discover the leading tools & tips for your next successful meeting!

Hybrid Events

Why You Need This Guide to Hybrid Events

Regardless of the industry, organizations use training, networking, and collaboration events as a foundation for growth and progress. In-person events often make interaction more effective however, when meeting in person is not possible, hybrid and virtual meeting technology offers a great alternative.

While there has been a considerable shift in the virtual meeting space recently, many event planning professionals are still struggling to incorporate virtual components into in-person events because they don’t know how to leverage hybrid technology and communicate the value to stakeholders and attendees. By understanding the strengths and limitations of hybrid events, planners can offer this dynamic solution more effectively.

What This Guide to Hybrid Events Covers

  • The definition of a hybrid event
  • Industry trends and statistics
  • Benefits and challenges of hybrid events
  • Whether the hybrid event model is right for you
  • How to implement a successful hybrid event
  • Tips and best practices for success
  • Marketing hybrid events
  • And more!
Hybrid Events

Get Solutions & Answers

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events is designed to provide best practices, solutions, and answer questions about how to deliver a hybrid meeting, training event, or conference. We do not suggest a particular platform or technology—rather, we explore the options and solutions that will best fit a variety of event needs. As a result, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

We present a definition of a hybrid event, and discuss technology trends and how these are contributing to added benefits. We also address the challenges and limitations of hybrid.

We provide a success story on how a prominent pharma company pivoted a large in-person event to hybrid, offer tips for delivering a successful event, and provide advice on how to prepare for and overcome potential obstacles.

We hope these tips and tools will help organizers implement hybrid components into their next event more successfully.