Green Meetings: 14 Questions to ask your hotel

The Environmental Protection Agency requires meeting venues to complete a questionnaire about environmentally preferable features and practices in use at their facilities. All Federal agencies are encouraged to use the EPA’s model when soliciting meeting and conference facilities. Start greening your meetings by adding these questions to your RFP.

  1. Do you have a recycling program? If so, please describe.
  2. Do you have a linen/towel reuse option that is communicated to guests?
  3. Do guests have easy access to public transportation or shuttle services at your facility?
  4. Are lights and air conditioning turned off when rooms are not in use? If so, how do you ensure this?
  5. Do you provide bulk dispensers or reusable containers for beverages, food, and condiments?
  6. Do you provide reusable serving utensils, napkins, and tablecloths when food and beverages are served?
  7. Do you have an energy-efficiency program? Please describe.
  8. Do you have a water-conservation program? Please describe.
  9. Does your facility provide guests with paperless check-in and checkout?
  10. Does your facility use recycled or recyclable products? Please describe.
  11. Do you source food from local growers or take into account the growing practices of farmers that provide the food? Please describe.
  12. Do you use bio-based or biodegradable products, including bio-based “cafeteriaware”? Please describe.
  13. Do you provide training to your employees on these green initiatives? Please describe.
  14. What other environmental initiatives have you undertaken, including any environment-related certifications you possess, EPA voluntary partnerships in which you participate, support of a green suppliers network, or other initiatives?
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