Hologram Speakers at your meeting. The Future is here today.


Want to WOW your audience? Then we have something for you. AMI now offers an incredible technology to intrigue your audience as well as provide an engaging educational tool. Put high definition, 3-D holographic video projection systems to work for your next program.

The life-size, three-dimensional holographic imagery brings dramatic, previously unseen 21st century video film effects to live events. Incorporate this imagery into executive presentations, sales meetings and conference or trade shows. Is your speaker on the other side of the globe? Well, beam him in! The technology uses a specially developed foil that reflects images from high definition video projectors, making it possible to produce virtual holographic images of variable sizes and incredible clarity, using industry standard software. Infinitely configurable, the virtual hologram appears within a traditional stage set. Partnered with next generation gaming graphics will put your organization on the cutting edge.

Be the first in your segment to showcase this technology.

  • 3-Dimension life-size speaker holograms at your program or tradeshow will make attendees stop and speak to your team
  • Beam your speaker live from anywhere in the world, reducing travel costs
  • The virtual hologram appears within a traditional stage/theater set, which is very impactful from an educational standpoint
  • Great for all meeting types, including national sales meetings, speaker trainings and tradeshows.

Click here for a sample that was done for Virgin Digital.
For more information, contact your project manager at AMI, or e-mail us at bd@americanmeetings.com or 1-866-337-7799.

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