Creative Galas ~ It’s all about the experience

CEO, Andy McNeill, talks to Insurance & Financial Meetings Management Magazine about how gala events set
the stage for delivering your message in an powerful and inspiring atmosphere.  This article discusses the many ways in which event planners and their clients use the gala event to boost corporate morale, show appreciation for employees and clients and build lasting relationships.

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6 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Corporate Gala
6 Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Corporate Gala

With corporate meeting and event spend increasing, Corporate Galas are coming back in to fashion.  CMO, Todd Bludworth says, “Planning for a corporate gala is often considered secondary to larger priorities, and key details can be easily overlooked creating an embarrassing faux pas for corporate meeting planners and organizations alike.”  Galas often have many different features that can add to the stress of planning such as sponsors, auctions and entertainment.  In addition, dealing with vendors, meals, special accommodations, etc. can be a challenge as well.  Here are some areas to think about for corporate event planning galas that can make your event planning less stressful

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