5 inspirations for your gala or event theme

A well-thought and -executed theme breathes life into your entire experience and runs through every element of your event. It sets the tone for what attendees can expect, from the venue to the invitations. Whether it’s a full-blown gala or annual corporate meeting, consider your theme as part of your event strategy to tie everything together and generate engagement.

  1. TV, books and movies

Pop culture is one of the best sources for event themes. Look no further than your Netflix account or bookshelf for ideas! Try: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Great Gatsby or Alice in Wonderland.

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  1. Revisit a decade or era

Tap into nostalgia with a theme centered on a specific decade or milestone in history. You can event look to the future for inspiration. Try: the 90s (think Friends, grunge rock), the Roaring 20s, Pop art or Disco.


  1. Pull up the curtain

Nothing transports us to another world like a great performance. Whether it’s music, art or magic, your attendees will be left breathless. Try: Circus, Jazz Club or Awards Show themes.


  1. Bring the city to you

Put a twist on the classic Paris-themed event with exotic and unconventional city themes. There are infinite ways to evoke iconic cities and bring their unique flavors into the room. Try: New Orleans, Mumbai or Havana.


  1. Opposites attract

When you throw together polar opposites, you’ll find great theme ideas. Play up your chosen paradox in the event colors, entertainment, and food. Try: Black and White, Fire and Ice or Heroes and Villains.



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