Building Brand Loyalty through Meetings and Events

Brand Loyalty

Each day AMI meets with clients and we hear over and over again. We need to be in front of our customers. Whether those customers are a high level advisory board, or internal clients, such as sales force, there is really no better way to communicate your message to that universe than through meetings and events. Example, we recently had a client whose product went through a major regulation change. The industry had put in self-managing guidelines before the government stepped in. What was the best way to clearly communicate to the 250+ member sales force? In this case it was 3 regional meetings that would keep down costs, but allow the trainers to clearly communicate in person the adjustments to the product and ultimately the brand.

Having a captivated audience allows you to control the message and build that sense of trust that is so critical to the attendee. Once you have that audience, use these five tips to build loyalty for your brand and ultimate benefit your organization:

1. Make sure content is prepared, re-worked and prepared again. Spending time and money on an event and not delivering the right message is disastrous.

2. Have Senior Management buy-off on any messaging to the core group.

3. Carefully select the messenger. Your brand can be significantly damaged if a presentation is not communicated in a professional, dynamic way.

4. Don’t skimp on audiovisual and production. Remember every time your brand is in front of a group, that is a chance to impress…..specially with large crowds. Not skimping does not mean paying a lot. Use a certified meeting planner to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

5. Create a professional, secure and private setting. Ensuring your attendees are comfortable and secure at your next meeting, conference or tradeshow allows for a clear avenue to undivided attention for your brand.

Meeting and events are a powerful way to build brand loyalty. Utilize the steps to build brand loyalty though your next meeting and event.

Happy Planning!!!

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