Event Meeting Planners, Team Building & Philanthropy

When meeting planning meets team building, one of the best ways to create engagement and positive energy is by incorporating philanthropy as the beneficiary.


 Team building, in general, is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to really get to know each other and bond in an entirely different and creative way outside of the office.

A philanthropic goal establishes a generous mindset and is great use of time and energy.

Create oversized gift baskets for a children’s hospital, do a food drive for a local food bank or look into how you can help disaster relief efforts. Perhaps your company is already affiliated with a charity.

Team building activities provide bonding opportunities by getting people to interact, not just connect. It also creates an opportunity to introduce good energy, allowing your team members to show and provide support to each other in new ways, which will translate into the work place.

We also typically see that a welcomed, byproduct of introducing this fun and team building exercise is a re-energized work force. And, chances are that was the goal.

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