Menu Revolution: Improve Your Menu – Improve Your Meeting

I recently read an article in the June edition of Meetings & Conventions Magazine that brought Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution concept into, well, meetings and conventions.

My initial thought was that this was an ingenious reminder that menus are a significant part of the attendee experience. This article reinforces that what you eat directly affects how you feel.

It’s our role as a meeting planner to consider this on behalf of the attendees.  How they feel while they are there is as important as the reason they are there to begin with.

When planning the menus, include those food items that boost brain power, give you energy and keep that drowsy feeling at bay. The article went on to reference neurotransmitters, what foods have them and how they play a positive role in how we think and how we feel. (see article link below for more)

As ambassador to the attendees, we look out for their well being in every capacity. What a great opportunity to improve their mood and motivation, as well as their attendee experience, via proper menu selection.

Multiple Hotels, such as Hyatt, Loews, Marriott, Omni, Radisson, Weston and Scandic, were mentioned as offering solutions to bring more brain food to the table, making it easy for you to plan a successful menu.  I know you will all find this article interesting.

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