Are You Drawing Optimal Online Attention to Your Meetings and Events? Follow These 3 Steps.

If your event, meeting or conference has an online presence, you want to attract all interested parties possible. Are you doing enough to get your event higher SEO?

At American Meetings, we know SEO is still an essential component to getting online attention, and it’s not just keywords anymore. Now there is Social Media and placing current and useful content on your website and blog. Daily, we work and train our clients to make this part of front-end meeting planning and promotion.

Below are 3-Steps from AMI you can’t afford to skip.

  1. Don’t neglect your SEO keywords– Stay on top of your keywords. The competition is constantly elbowing each other out of the way in the SEO world. What words will your meeting participants use when researching online for YOUR particular meeting or event? Be direct, be specific. Challenge yourself to find your keywords and fine-tune them as needed to bring your site to the top three in search results.
  2. Social Media – In addition to keywords, are you using Social Media to create attention for your meeting or event? Does your event have its own social media site(s)? Creating an online community around your event and posting regularly with pertinent content will attract followers and more importantly, will aide in growing the program from year to year. The online community will remain long after the event comes to its close. Allow attendees to stay in touch with each other and keep up to date with all the latest for the upcoming year’s event; this create a place where they can go to find feedback on many different levels – attendees can join and stay in touch and make posts. Event directors can get invaluable feedback on how the meeting was received and what may need improving for next year.
  3. Your Website –Images and videos will help your website increase SEO. Keep your website current and relevant with useful video and imagery. But remember, quality over quantity. Great content drives traffic. Update your website blog often enough to stay current. Share images or footage from last year’s event. Return attendees will appreciate the reference and prospective attendees will get an idea of what to expect. And last, but not least, be sure to include the ”forward to a colleague” option. Word of mouth is still the best promotion you can get.


GOOD LUCK increasing your SEO for your next meeting, conference or event. It is the new wave of event marketing in today’s fast paced world.

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