Go Green & Reduce Your Corporate Carbon Footprint at Your Next Meeting.

 Green truly is on the forefront of every one’s minds these days and we all would like to be more ecofriendly in both in our personal and corporate life.

This has inspired the executives and corporate event planners at American Meetings, Inc.  to create and offer eco-friendly solutions for corporate meetings and events allowing us to add environmental consciousness to our industry.

Help your company convey environmental awareness and responsibility by incorporating our eco-friendly practices at your next meeting and minimize your corporate carbon footprint.

See AMI’s Green Meeting Policies document for ways to REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYLCE. (link below)

Green Meeting Policies

Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.

AMI will initiate the following Green Meeting policies and recommendations for clients that desire to minimize the carbon footprint of their meeting.

–    Prevent wasted food through accurate consumption forecasting
–    Use meal tickets to ensure correct projections
–    Use on-line and virtual registration
–    Merge/Purge all direct mail databases
–    Make handouts available upon request
–    Make collateral available online and via email
–    Request water in pitchers instead of plastic bottles
–    Book activities in walking distance of venue
–    Use ENERGY STAR equipment (www.energystar.gov)
–    Print collateral on double-sided recycled paper with soy-based ink
–    Use laptops vs. desktop computers which consume less energy
–    Turn off equipment when not in use
–    Use inkjet printers vs. laser printers which consume less energy
–    Use multi-purpose office equipment (fax, printer, copier and scanner all-in-one)
–    Request local/organic food

–    Print materials on recycled paper
–    Signage
–    Badge holders (provide a collection bin for badge holders)
–    Boxes and packing materials
–    Distribute unused food to local charities and food banks
–    Ask hotel if they have a linen/towel re-use program

–    Provide waste separation at your meetings(glass, cans and paper)
–    Check with the local government  for recycle program

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