Themed Events for the Ultimate Attendee Experience

Traditional Alpine Horns greet attendees upon arrival

In the meetings industry, we are always looking for ways to enhance the attendee experience. Themed events are a wonderful way to go. Here is a great idea for an activity at your next conference, employee meeting, tradeshow or even a national sales launch.

Create a Bavarian Beer Garden, your own Oktoberfest, for an unforgettable, offsite experience.  The secret to success, however, is all in the details.

Finding the right offsite venue is key.  Look for a great, outdoor garden venue, reminiscent of Europe, and let the German invasion ensue. A stuffy hotel ballroom or convention space would not be ideal for creating the look and feel you want.

Create a dinner menu of German favorites, along with some good ol’ American options. Greet attendees with wait staff fully donned in lederhosen and dirndls, the traditional attire of Germany and Bavaria. You can price out attire on costuming sites.

Serve a selection of cold, German beers in classic German steins and hire Alpine Horns to play in the distance. Provide the attendees with Alpine hats to wear, making them part of the theme, and top off the festivities with a German Folk band playing traditional music before and during dinner. Merriment and dancing will ensue.

Note: Providing transportation to and from the event is essential, of course, so all your attendees have to do is enjoy the evening. They will appreciate the out-of-the-box thinking as well as the chance to unwind with co-workers in a unique setting. Best of all, it will be a great way to show your appreciation for your attendees at your next meeting.

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