Beyond the Obvious: American’s With Disabilities Act


New revisions to the Americans With Disabilities Act went into effect in March of 2011. Andy McNeill, Principle and CEO at American Meetings, Inc (AMI) reminds corporations and the meeting planning community that it is up to the planner to be aware of these changes in  ADA regulation as well as confirm that your hotel or venue is in compliance.

It is also important to look beyond the obvious and expand the awarenes beyond service animals and wheelchair accessibility. It’s important to remember that the disability may not be limited to the physically impaired.

“… it’s up to the planner, prior to the program, to be aware of the changes in regulation as well. It’s not just compliance, it’s customer service.”

                                    -Andy McNeill, CEO  / American Meetings, Inc.

Follow this link to see the full article in Convene Magazine

Posted with permission of Convene, the magazine of the Professional Convention Management Association, (c) 2011,


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