Best of 2018: 5 Meeting Give-aways Attendees Will Love!

What do your promotional items say about your company and brand? When an attendee takes home your give-a-way from your meeting or event, you want them to keep it and use it, and have a positive association with your brand every time they see it. The days of cheap promotional knick-knacks are gone, and an era of branded sustainable and high-tech items have has taken their place. Just make sure you pick something that’s useful to attendees, relevant to the event or topic, and high quality. You don’t want your logo on a dud!

Can’t stomach the cost of the tech gadgets? Try holding a raffle, or give the items to customers and warm prospects that engage with you. Including and planning for promotional items as part of your overall event strategy will ensure you get the best prices and that attendees walk away with an item they’re excited about. It’s marketing that has the potential to pay dividends down the road.

1- Bluetooth Item Tracker

This handy little tracker can be attached to a purse, keys, or anything else you might misplace frequently. With a free app, you can easily find it again. Lost your phone? Pressing a button on the tracker will prompt your phone to ring so you can track it down as well.

Bluetooth 1

2- Fitness Tracker

These wearable tech devices can track your steps, sleeping patterns, eating habits and more. Added benefits are tracking and photo-snapping remote features for your phone.

Fitness tracker 2

3- Wireless Earbuds

Give your customers a quality listening experience without getting caught up in all the wires.

Wireless earbuds 3

4- Virtual Reality Viewers

For a truly immersive experience, branded virtual reality viewers take it to the next level. It takes less than a minute to fold up the headset from a flat piece of cardboard—add in a phone, and presto.

Virtual Reality 4

5- Bluetooth Speakers

Speakers have long been a favorite promotional giveaway item, but this is the next generation. Not only can you stream music via Bluetooth, but it also has a noise-cancelling speakerphone feature.

Bluetooth speakers 5

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