Top 10 carbon-reducing tips when traveling for your next corporate meeting

Top 10 carbon-reducing tips when traveling for your next corporate meeting

For many organizations and industries, some degree of corporate travel is unavoidable. The global pandemic showed us that many of our meetings could be held online, but this won’t always be the case. Many organizations are aware of the environmental impact of business travel, which means finding greener ways to travel to and from corporate meetings.

Below, we’ll take a look at 10 ways you can reduce your carbon footprint when you’re traveling to your next corporate meeting.

1. Prioritize public transportation

If your meeting is taking place in a large city or town, you will most likely have plenty of public transport options. Instead of driving, look into taking a train or bus to reduce the environmental impact of your journey. You could even think outside the box – perhaps a boat is the most efficient way to travel!

2. Consider carpooling

Of course, your next corporate meeting may not have good public transport connections, meaning you will need to drive. If this is the case, look into carpooling with colleagues traveling from the same place. You can reduce the cost to the business with only one set of gas and parking expenses, and you can reduce the environmental impact by taking fewer vehicles.

3. Hire an electric or hybrid vehicle service

Opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle service if you need to rent a car for business travel. Also, choose the smallest, most efficient car possible for your needs – there is no need to select a giant 4×4 for a single person driving between cities when a smaller vehicle will suffice. Alternatively, if your organization has its own fleet of cars, consider upgrading them to electric or hybrid models (with plenty of guidance around available charging points).

4. Ask your senior team for recommendations

When PwC started requiring manager approval for business travel, it helped them challenge the assumption that flying was always the best way to travel, which reduced non-client-related air travel by 90%. Speak to people in the business who have previously traveled to your destination – perhaps they know a more efficient way to travel, or they can recommend an easy public transport route.

5. One rule for everyone

If you’re trying to roll out a more sustainable approach to travel, make sure the senior leaders in your organization are leading by example. If leaders take public transport and participate in ride-sharing, it will normalize it for the rest of the organization. If your entry-level employees are taking a six-hour bus while the C-suite takes a private jet, resentment will quickly build, so keep it fair for everyone.

6. Travel economy

Where possible, encourage employees to travel economy – especially for shorter flights. Business class seats are responsible for around twice the carbon emissions as economy seats on a flight, as they take up more space on the aircraft. Again, ensure this applies across the organization – don’t expect mid-level employees to sit in coach if your senior leaders enjoy the comfort of business class.

7. Make time for “slow travel.”

Employees don’t want to waste their precious personal time traveling to corporate meetings, so ensure that you, as an employer, are allocating sufficient time for them to choose more sustainable travel methods. For instance, allocating half a day before and after a meeting to allow them to take the train rather than fly will significantly reduce the emissions from their journey without eating into their own time.

8. Travel to the majority

If you have a team of three meeting a team of eight, consider getting the team of three to travel to the larger group. This will remove the travel time and emissions for five people each way, making it much more efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s also a good strategy for beating rising corporate travel costs.

9. Vet your venues

Traveling sustainably to a corporate meeting should also result in a sustainable meeting venue. Ensure that any meeting venue you choose wears its green credentials loud and proud, whether that’s a comprehensive recycling program, green energy, locally sourced catering, water-saving measures, or anything else they do to reduce the venue’s environmental impact.

10. Switch to hybrid or virtual meetings

The best way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint from corporate travel is to switch from in-person meetings to hybrid meetings or virtual meetings. You could consider rotating the location of in-person events to ensure nobody feels like they are missing out, so everyone gets the benefit of face-to-face time while also enjoying the convenience of meeting virtually. For instance, perhaps instead of flying a global team into a single location, you can ask those within the same geographical area to meet and those who are a large distance away to dial in. This reduces unnecessary air travel, ensuring your meetings are more sustainable.

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Where To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In The US for Corporate Travel

Where To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In The US for Corporate Travel

DE 360 | Eco-Friendly Hotels


As global warming and the climate crisis become top of mind for many travelers, finding eco-friendly hotels is becoming a more significant factor in corporate travel decisions. You’re doing your part to help the environment by staying at one of these sustainable resorts. In this spotlight episode, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth present their top hotel picks with a Silver LEED Certification and above. They discuss how these admirable establishments are built to save money, reduce carbon emissions, and provide a healthier environment for both workers and guests.

Watch the episode here

Where To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In The US

Many travelers prefer to stay in eco-friendly hotels and sustainable resorts, a choice mainly influenced by the worsening global warming and climate change. If you want to determine which establishments are doing their part in saving the planet, checking their LEED Certification rating is a good idea.

In this spotlight episode, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth present the top eco-friendly hotels in the United States that possess a Silver LEED Certification and above. These ones go the extra mile in reducing carbon emissions and providing a healthier environment to both workers and guests.


1 Hotel

All of 1 Hotel’s properties have been 100% carbon neutral since 2018. Their West Hollywood location has an ENERGY STAR Score of 95, one of the highest ratings in the LA metro area. Meanwhile, their Brooklyn establishment lies only 600 feet from the Atlantic Ocean, making their sustainability efforts a necessary undertaking.


1 Hotel’s Sustainability Efforts

  • Organic garden – They grow their own produce, saving tremendous costs on transportation and mitigating climate changes. This also ensures that the food they serve is cooked using locally sourced ingredients.
  • Sustainable furnishing – 1 Hotel’s Brooklyn branch features furnishes made of reclaimed wood, organic cotton, and sustainably sourced linens.
  • Dark Sky hosts monthly candle-lit events to raise awareness about light pollution.


The Virgin Hotel Chicago

A boutique in the Chicago Loop, the Virgin Hotel is a Richard Branson company with a Gold LEED Certification. They are not there yet but always striving for net zero carbon and waste.


Virgin Hotel’s Sustainability Efforts

  • Walking tourism – They promote urban walks and hikes in and around the city while promoting sustainability. This is a huge thing in Chicago that offers a long list of exploration options.
  • Eco-friendly structure – The hotel has a green roof for better storm and water management.
  • Green housekeeping – They use recyclable shampoo bottles instead of disposable plastic to help minimize waste.


Viceroy Hotel

Travel Leisure has rated this exquisite establishment in Snowmass as the number one location under the Colorado resorts category. It is surrounded by breathtaking views and boasts some of the country’s best biking and hiking trails.


Viceroy Hotel’s Sustainability Efforts

  • Low-flow water fixtures – The resort is 30% more efficient than the design standard and contributes to the annual savings of 1.35 million gallons of water. This is a big thing in Colorado, where water shortage is a major issue.
  • Green housekeeping – Just like the Virgin Hotel, they use recyclable bottles for their shampoos and conditioners that are refilled and resealed.
  • Green meetings – They bring clients into their property and extend their sustainability solutions to them through events.


Cavallo Point

This extravagant hotel is found at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is a repurposed army base built in 1866, situated on 75,000 acres of a national park. Cavallo Point has received over two dozen awards for its unparalleled luxury and notable acts of sustainability.


Cavallo Point’s Sustainability Efforts

  • Eco-friendly structure – The hotel uses shredded blue jeans as wall insulation instead of prefabricated installation. This offers a comfortable atmosphere during warm and cold climates.
  • Repurposed structure – 75% of the hotel’s original structure was retained. Only recycled materials and rapidly renewable resources were utilized when its facilities were repurposed.

There are only some of the best eco-friendly hotels in the US that you can stay in for your next trip. You can simply check their websites if interested in their LEED Certification score. You can try reaching out to them if not posted on their official accounts.

How Do Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards Fit Into Your Meeting Strategy?

How Do Environmental, Social, and Governance Standards Fit Into Your Meeting Strategy?

What is ESG, and why is it important for your meeting strategy?

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards are becoming increasingly important in the modern business world. These three areas of focus for companies are vital considerations for organizations looking to run more sustainable, ethical events and meetings and will only become more crucial in the coming years.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a term used to represent an organization’s corporate financial interests, focusing mainly on sustainable and ethical impacts. It is a must for large Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 organizations whose stakeholders are demanding they align with these standards. Organizations already aware of these standards will find it easier to interact as a partner by focusing more on sustainability and diversity, which is especially relevant in meetings and events.

Let’s find out why.

Environmental standards for corporate events and meetings

Since the global pandemic, more and more organizations have turned to virtual and hybrid events to mitigate their meetings’ environmental impact. Switching to virtual events helps eradicate the carbon footprint of traveling to and from the venue and removes the effects of printing paper resources, onsite meals, and buying and transporting meeting supplies.

However, as travel restrictions have eased, organizations have started revisiting in-person events through a more sustainable lens. Using QR codes linked to online resources and choosing more sustainable venues with good public transport links are just the beginning. Opting for hotels that source locally can also help reduce the environmental impact of food and beverage at events. Asking the question of your venue, “What are your strategies for sustainability?” and ensuring they adhere to your goals will help decrease your meeting’s environmental impact.

Social considerations for the corporate meeting & events industry

Social considerations are an important, often-overlooked aspect of ESG. Organizations prioritizing ESG are now thinking more about the diversity of their workforce, supply chain, and partners. This could include championing marginalized communities, increasing the number of women-owned businesses in the supply chain, or working with people of color as ambassadors.

Social-oriented policies go beyond observing International Women’s Day, Pride, or the Black Lives Matter movement; it’s about embedding diversity at the organization’s heart. At AMI, we truly believe in social diversity and work to strengthen our inclusive supplier chain with every event.

Governance for event businesses prioritizing ESG

Diversity matters at every level of the organization – including the governance team. A diverse range of viewpoints supports inclusion throughout the organization, ensuring that more voices are heard. Many businesses are looking to partner with organizations with diverse governance, including gender, sexuality, race, religion, and more.

It’s also about having ethical policies in place to ensure that the entire organization upholds the ethical standards at the core of the business. This helps reassure customers that their event partners work to the same ethical standards for producing meetings and events for their audience.

Why ESG matters in the corporate events industry

At AMI, we’ve found that more and more clients are requesting ESG policies and want to know how these topics are being considered and acted upon by their events partners. If an organization is looking to produce greener, more sustainable, more diverse events, working with an events partner with a strong ESG stance will help them ensure they get it right.

The world, in general, cares more about looking after the environment, supporting diverse communities, and partnering with businesses that share their ethics, which is why having clear ESG policies in place matters. Organizations are more conscious than ever before of reducing their carbon footprint, reducing waste, and being more inclusive. Those in the events industry who can prove that they live and breathe ESG will stand out.

New York City Featuring The Historic Park Lane Hotel and Comedian Adam Mamawala

New York City Featuring The Historic Park Lane Hotel and Comedian Adam Mamawala

DE 306 | New York City


The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, and Gotham are all nicknames for the most populous city in the US – New York City. It’s the largest, most diverse, wealthiest, and most influential American metropolis – making it the cultural and financial hub of the country.

Andy and Todd talk to Prince A. Sanders, the managing director of the iconic Park Lane New York hotel, which has recently been completely reimagined. They also get comedic insight into the nightlife of NYC with stand-up comedian, actor, and resident Adam Mamawala.

Tune in as they share their must-visit places in the city and clue you in on their favorite places to be on a night or day out. Get tips for tourists straight from the locals.

Watch the episode here.


New York City Featuring The Historic Park Lane Hotel And Home Grown Comedian Adam Mamawala

The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, and Gotham are all nicknames for the most populous city in the US – New York City. It’s the largest, most diverse, wealthiest, and most influential American metropolis, making it the cultural and financial hub of the country.

In this episode, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth sit down with Prince A. Sanders, the Managing Director of Park Lane New York, and Adam Mamawala, a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster based in the city.

Prince A. Sanders

Prince oversees every aspect of the hotel, from sales to hospitality, facilities management, and personnel. He started his professional experience as a leader in hospitality with W Hotels. Prince also used to be a professional ballet dancer. As an artist, he now uses that creativity and passion to transform the hotel industry.

The Reimagining of Park Lane New York

In his current position, Prince contributed substantially to the hotel’s reimagination through the design and especially in the creation of culture. He wanted a space where people would see themselves within their team members, the music, and the food offered and see it as a space of comfort and sanctuary where you would see representation from all sorts. He is proudest of creating a culturally diverse atmosphere on billionaire’s row, which is not typically known for this kind of openness and awareness.

The 47th Floor – One of the iconic spaces on the property is the 47th floor, where you can experience what he calls a garden oasis in the sky. They have a rooftop lounge, Darling, with views unmatched throughout New York City, accented with an eclectic, eccentric, and boudoir style.

The First Floor – Another crown jewel is the first floor that houses Rose Lane, an indoor-outdoor space designed with a nod to being in a French Riviera. The space is about 2000 ft and offers Alfresco dining. It also houses their empire room, a 3000-ft meeting space with a private terrace.

Andy’s Destination Favorites:

  • The World Trade Center
  • The Tenement Museum
  • The Tour at NBC Studios
  • Fraunces Tavern
  • Chelsea Market

Adam Mamawala

Adam is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster. He has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, BET, and SiriusXM, and his debut album, One of the Good Ones, debuted at #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts. Adam has been a freelance contributor to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and Someecards and currently co-hosts podcasts Away Games and HORSE, recently featured in the New York Times.

Best Places For A Real True Comedy Experience

The Comedy Cellar is the preeminent New York City comedy club and Adam’s personal white whale. It is the peak of where you can go as a club comic. He frequents the two locations on the upper west side: Gotham Comedy Club and Carolines on Broadway. If you’re in New York and you’re not looking to spend an arm and a leg at a club, there are free shows every single night that are independently produced either at bars or restaurants and still often have some of the top comics in the country.

Adam’s Favorite Food Spots

One of Adam’s recent visits includes the Han Dynasty, which has multiple locations across the city. The place offers fantastic food served family-style. Living in Queens, which is statistically the most diverse county in America, Adam experiences a lot of different cuisines. He recommends his favorites: Charles’ Pan Fried Chicken, The Edge Harlem, and Fumo Pizzeria.

Tourist Spot Recommendations

Adam knows perhaps all the must-see sites in the city. One of the experiences he recommends is a ride on the Staten Island Ferry, where you can get a fantastic sunset view of the Statue of Liberty for free. The touristy thing to do is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but Adam’s advice is to walk across the Manhattan Bridge because that way, you get a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Some parks you can go on for a stroll are Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park, and a recent addition called Little Island, located on the west side.


About Prince A. Sanders

DE 306 | New York CityPrince A. Sanders is the Managing Director of Park Lane, New York, overseeing every aspect of the hotel, from sales to hospitality, facilities management, and personnel. Prince was approached by Highgate, the owner and operator of Park Lane New York, with the Managing Director position to embark on a new chapter for the property and take part in its reimagination.

Prince was instrumental and heavily involved in the direction and design of the hotel’s rebirth. His mission was to create a retreat on Billionaires’ Row with its own identifying and strong culture rooted in unique inclusivity rather than exclusivity. Under his stewardship, Park Lane New York reopened as a bold departure from its neighbors, offering an unexpected space with playfulness and a little mischief.

Prince has worked with five-star properties for over a decade and executed opening and training programs for new hotel properties, including the first three EDITION hotels in Hawaii, Istanbul, and London; W Hotels across the USA; and he also held a position as a speaker with The Ritz Carlton Leadership Center to train staff on property and in non-hospitality industries such as finance and medical. Before joining Park Lane New York, Prince was General Manager at Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City, earning him the title of “Prince of the City” in an article by Forbes.

A creative with versatile skills, Prince is also the published author of “The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince,” a children’s series focused on teaching future generations inspiring messages loosely based on his youth in New York City. Before his career in hospitality, Prince was a professional ballet dancer with Albano Ballet and Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. From 2017 to 2019, he served as Chair of the American Ballet Theater’s Young Patron’s Council.


About Adam Mamawala

DE 306 | New York CityAdam Mamawala is a stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster based out of New York City. He has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, BET, and SiriusXM, and his debut album, One of the Good Ones, debuted at #1 on the iTunes Comedy Charts. Adam has been a freelance contributor to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update and Someecards and currently co-hosts podcasts Away Games and HORSE, as recently featured in the New York Times!


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Top 4 Favorite European Ski Destinations For Corporate Group Travel

Top 4 Favorite European Ski Destinations For Corporate Group Travel

DE 358 | European Ski Destinations


Andy McNeill has traveled all over the world skiing, and in today’s episode, he’ll be sharing his top recommended European ski destinations that are great for corporate group travel. These locations are ideal for incentives, congratulatory events, sales meetings, and any event where you want to host many guests and provide an amazing experience. Find out which ski spots in Europe captured his heart by tuning in!

Watch the episode here


Top 4 Favorite European Ski Destinations For Corporate Group Travel

Andy McNeill has skied worldwide, and today he shares his favorite European skiing destinations that will fit your group travel needs. From incentive travel, celebrations, and sales meetings, these destinations have been tried and tested by Andy and the many groups he’s taken. Here are the top four European ski locations to host your next group destination travel:

Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy – Located in the Italian-speaking Province of Belluno with majestic mountain views. It is one of Andy’s favorite places he’s ever been. This little Northern Italian, Alpine town is known for its gourmet dining, and the center of the town has been made pedestrian just for strolling, which offers those romantic vibes. With its stunning views, the location can be seen in movies such as The Cliffhanger, Pink Panther, and For Your Eyes Only. The nearest airport is Marco Polo in Venice.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc in France – This is one of the oldest ski resorts in Europe and hosted the 1924 Winter Olympics. Here, you can go on the world’s highest cable ride, 12,000 feet up in the air, providing some of the best views in Europe. As one of the tallest mountains, there’s also an incredible ice cave part of the glacier you can visit. When you’re not in the town or enjoying the slopes, you can visit Casino Le Royal and get your gambling and other great experiences. The nearest airport is in Geneva.

Soldeu in Andorra – This little ski town is located in the microstate of Andorra, landlocked between the French and Spanish border. You may not hear about it much, but this is one of the best affordable skiing in Europe, and they have over 600 instructors, so there’s always plenty to do. You can get your lessons in with courses for all levels. You can also check out the Caldea Spa, one of the biggest attractions in Andorra. It’s a giant futuristic spa famous for its water attractions and countless amenities. In the evenings, they have futuristic music and light show that you can enjoy while in the spa. Plus, you can try booking a night a the Iglu Hotel, which houses all the amenities and offers an excellent experience for your attendees.

Zermatt in Switzerland – This is probably one of the most famous ski resorts in the world and sits at the foot of the Matterhorn. It’s also considered one of the most beautiful ski resorts on the planet. This destination is unique as it is a car-free town which can make for an enjoyable experience as you park 5 kilometers out and take a train into town. It is also dubbed as the gourmet capital of the Alps, with many great places to take your attendees. The small town also houses thirty 5-star hotels, including one of the top hotels in the country, The Omnia.