American Meetings Network Prime Member: Total Rental Solutions

Meet our Prime Supplier: Total Rental Solutions

Our Prime Supplier Member, Total Rental Solutions joined The American Meetings Network in 2018 and they are already seeing the benefits by meeting 1:1 with AMI’s Meeting Planners and Sourcing Managers at Global Procurement Day.

About Total Rental Solutions: Everything you need in a Technology Rental Provider

We offer all the tools you need to connect with your clients, your partners, and your prospects. Captivate them with your product or message, and conquer your goals and objectives. Our solutions and options are limitless.

We offer everything from a laptop for an important business trip, to multimedia equipment for a national conference, to a network or servers for an important new project… All supported with unparalleled technical expertise and a commitment to customer service and staying ahead.

Not only do we deliver the latest technology and multimedia tools, we do it at affordable rental rates. It’s not just a rumor, we’re fast and we’re cheap. Total Rental Solutions has the technology to meet your needs and service to ensure your success.

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